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Let's see just the most important things (or the less intuitive things) you must know about the video pages.

Video Pages in Multimedia English


1- Big screen icon- This will let you see the video twice as big in a popup you can easily close with your finger if you are using a smartboard or a smartphone.

2- Big text  window- This will let you see the text in a big popup, also ideal for using smartboards or smartphones.

3- Timer- This is the clock that shows the time you are working on this particular video page as will be recorded in your activity log (accessible from your user's menu). If you click on the clock icon you can turn the clock into a less intrusive time line, and if you click on it again you can make it disappear altogether. If you are not logged in you won't see the clock. If you are in a Virtual Classroom you can switch between the clock and the time line appearance but you can't make it disappear.

4- The text scroll- If you are reading the transcript you can use the side bar to move the text up or down, but you can also let M-E do the job for you. On top of the text you have one button to play/pause the transcription scroll and two buttons to fast-forward or rewind it. But you can usually do it more simple than that. When the video conversation or song lyrics start, wait till they say a couple of lines and then click on the text: the scroll will start rolling the text upwards. The speed of the scroll is automatically adjusted considering how long the video lasts and how long the text is, so text and video will be perfectly synchronized. But sometimes they speak faster or slower and you need to make the scroll go faster or slower for a moment. To do that simply click on the text when it is moving (or touch on it with your finger): it will pause; click again and it will start rolling up again. If you want it to speed up for a moment click/touch on the text again but hold your click: the text will speed up as long as you hold your click; release your click or touch to make the text stop, and then click on it again to restart the scroll once more. This way the automatic scroll speed is usually good enough, but if you need to adjust it manually you can do it very easily just with a touch of your finger (or a click of your mouse).

5- Level- This number shows the level of difficulty of this video and its transcription. This is what the numbers mean:
0- Basic = beginners or elementary level (very simple and easy to understand) (A1)
1- Easy = upper-elementary to preintermediate level (A2)
2- Medium = intermediate and postintermediate level (B1)
3- Hard = Advanced level (B2-C1-C2)

6- Favourite- Click on the heart to favourite your video. From your user's menu you can open your favourites list and see or edit the list of all the videos you liked and save for you.

7- Preview- Clicking here you will access a print preview of the video text. There you can print the page or save it as a Word or HTML document.

8- Text Size- This icon will make your text look bigger or smaller. It will also affect the text inside the popup from icon Number 2.

9- Send Mistake Report- If you find a problem on the page (broken video, spelling or grammar mistake, wrong information, etc.) you can report it by clicking this icon. The page will be revised and the problem solved (if possible). Your cooperation here will be very valuable to keep the site accurate and working correctly.



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