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Phonetics with M-E

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1-D) My name's Bond, James Bond UNIT 1 lesson D
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Sean Connery is James Bond.

I admire your luck, Mr...?
Bond. James Bond.

Who are you?
James Bond. Universal Exports.

What's your name?

My friends call me Tania.
Mine call me James Bond.

Nash. Captain Nash.
Bond. I'm travelling to Sommerset.

Who are you?
Bond. James Bond.

By the way, my name is Bond.
Uhm, as quickly as possible.

Good evening, 007 (double o seven).
My name is James Bond.

Thank you, Mr...
James Bond. I arrived soon after you went down. I've been admiring your form.

My friend ++++, Mr...?
Oh yes, Mr Bond.

What's your name?
James Bond.

Who are you?
My name is Bond. James Bond.

Hello again. I do owe you an explanation. My name is Bond. James Bond.


- What's your name?
- Who are you?
- Hello, Mr... ?
- And you are... ?


When we say our name we can say different things, as you can see on the video. For example:

- I'm James Bond
- I'm James (informal)
- I'm Bond (formal)
- I'm Mr Bond (more formal)
- I'm Bond, James Bond (formal, very common in England)

- My name's James Bond
- I'm called James Bond
- My friends call me James

Notice the use of "Mr". This must always go with the surname, with or without the first name, but the surname must always be present:

Mr Bond
Mr James Bond
Not: Mr James


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