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1-F) Verb to Be (englishfromengland) UNIT 1 lesson F
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Learn the most basic verb in English: to be. Here you can see the verb To Be with and without contractions.

I am Robin and I am a boy
I am Annabel and I am a girl
I'm Harry and I'm a boy
I'm Emma and I'm a girl
You are Harry and you are a boy
You're Robin and you're a boy
You are Emma and you are a girl
You're Annabel and you're a girl
She is Annabel and she's my sister
He is Robin and he's my brother
This is my sister
This is my brother
He is Harry and he's a boy
She is Emma and she's a girl
We are Robin and Harry and we're boys
We are Annabel and Emma and we're girls
You are Annabel and Emma and you're girls
You are Robin and Harry and you're boys
They are Annabel and Emma and they're girls
They are Robin and Harry and they're boys
And we are all friends!!!
We are!

I am /æm/
You are /ɑ:*/
He is - She is - It is /ɪz/
We are
You are
They are

* He (boy) She (girl) It (animals and things)
* You: this is singular and plural, but you can make the difference in colloquial English:
Singular: you (you are English)
Plural: you guys (you guys are English)


I'm /aɪm/
You're /jɔ:*/
He's /hi:z/ She's /ʃi:z/ It's /ɪts/
We're /wɪə*/
You're /jɔ:*/
They're /ðeə*/

Verb to Be: simple present forms
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