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7-F) Adverbs of manner UNIT 7 lesson F

An introduction to the adverbs of manner. Read the Explanations and see other related videos in this lesson.


Most of the adverbs answer the question HOW? and are called "adverbs of manner". They are usually formed adding -ly to an adjective:
- happy + -ly = happily
- He is a happy man
- He dances happily --> how does he dance? happily
- A slow train moves slowly
More adverbs of manner: calmly, beautifully, badly, nicely, strongly, sadly, softly, ridiculously, madly, quickly, etc.
But some adverbs of manner don't end in -ly:
- A fast train moves fast


They can go before or after the verb:
- She walked across the living-room
- She quietly walked across the living-room
- She walked quietly across the living-room
- She walked across the living-room quietly

The most common position is after the verb

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