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7-K) Asking for permission UNIT 7 lesson K
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Learn how to ask and give permission. Read the explanations, then watch the video and then watch the other videos in this lesson.


When asking for permission we usually use CAN I...? and if we want to be a little more polite we use MAY I...?

In unit 6 (lesson "Can") you saw the verb "can" to ask for permission. Now we are going to see more possibilities, the most important ones:


- Can I use your phone?
- May I use your phone?

more polite:
- Could I use your phone?    [pronunciation: /kud/]

more colloquial:
- is it ok if I use your phone?
- is it alright if I use your phone?


- Yes, of course
- Of course you can
- Of course you may

more polite:
- Of course, please do.

more colloquial:
- Yes, sure    [pronunciation: "shor"]
- Sure!


- Sorry, you can't

more polite:
- I'm very sorry but...

more colloquial:
- No, sorry
- Nope!

- No way!



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