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9-C) Plans: present continuous and be going to (Smrt English) (Canada) UNIT 9 lesson C
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Learn two ways to use be going to and how to use the present continuous to talk about the future. Read the explanations and watch the rest of the videos in this lesson.

When we talk about plans for the future we can use the form "be going to", but we can also use the present continuous.

- What are you going to do tonight?
- I'm going to watch a movie and go to the disco with my friends.
- I'm going to stay at home and watch television.
- Next week, I'm going to visit some friends in London.
- We're going to travel around Europe but we're not going to visit Italy because we have been there last summer.

- What are you doing tonight?
- I'm watching a movie and going to the disco with my friends.
- Tomorrow I'm repairing my bicycle.
- She's not coming with me after lunch.

PRESENT CONTINUOUS: Present or future?

It is easy to know if the present continuous is talking about the present or the future. If we don't say the time, it is present, if we say when it is going to happen (or we know it) then it is future:

- I'm watching TV --> present
- I'm watching TV tonight --> future (tonight)
- She's doing her homework --> present
- She can't go with you at 9:00 because she's doing her homework --> future (at 9:00)


If we are not talking about plans, then we use WILL:

- Tomorrow it will rain --> this is not a plan, it's a prediction
- In 2050 cars will not use petrol, but electricity.

But we can also use WILL to talk about plans for the distant future:

- I'm going to have lunch with Amy --> a plan for the near future
- When I finish my studies, I will work for a big company --> a plan for the distant future


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