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Advanced prepositions of place (Joseph Teaches English) UNIT 5 - part of lesson C
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Learn most of the prepositions of place, simple and advanced.

Welcome to Joseph teaches English.
Today's video: prepositions.
And let me introduce you to my lovely model: my wife, Grace.
And here I am as an animated character. Enjoy the video.

In today's video we will demonstrate several common prepositions. Ready?

Grace is at the box
And now she is above the box
Grace is leaning against the box
Grace is now among the boxes
Grace runs past the box
Now she runs towards the box
Grace is in front of the box
And now she is behind the box
Grace is below or beneath the box
Now she is under or underneath the box
And the box is on or on top of her
Grace is now between two boxes
Grace jumps into the box
She is inside the box
Now she jumps out of the box, therefore she is outside (of) the box
Grace jumps onto the box
She is now upon or on top of the box
Grace jumps down from the box
She's now off (of) the box
Graces now jumps over the box

And now you know many prepositions in English. Thanks for watching, see you at the next video. Bye

Note: the prepositions "of" in brackets: (of)
are never used in British English
and are optional in American English.


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