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Adverbs UNIT 7 - part of lesson E
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This introduction video is about theory, so if you are not interested in grammar don't pay attention to it and go straight to Explanations.

(Forget about the parts in red, they will confuse you)

What is an adverb? Are you unsure?
An adverb adds meaning to verbs, adjectives and other adverbs.

Adverbs can tell you how something is done. This is an adverb of manner:
- I typed quickly

When something is done. This is an adverb of time:
- It rained today.

Where something is done. This is an adverb of place:
- We all walked there.

And to what extent something happens:
- He was extremely loud.

There are also conjunctive or sentence adverbs that join two clauses together:
It was, nevertheless, a beautiful night.

Most adverbs end in -ly and come from adjectives:
Victoriously, angrily, bravely and carelessly.
Are you getting it?

Here is a sentence without any adverbs:
- Holly and Misty returned.

From this sentence, we don't know how, when, where or why Holly and Misty returned. Now here is the same sentence modified with adverbs:
- Holly and Misty returned home slowly yesterday, because they wanted to enjoy the beautiful spring day.

Are you still unsure? Well, why don't you give it a go. Add some adverbs to your writing and bring your writing to life.
An Adverb adds meaning to verbs... = An adverb modifies the meaning of verbs...
Are you getting it? = do you understand this?

- Holly and Misty returned home slowly yesterday
adverb of place, where? --> home
adverb of manner, how? --> slowly
adverb of time, when? --> yesterday



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