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Feeling ill (Vaughan) PRACTICE 3 - part of lesson C
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A fragment from the Spanish television programme Vaughan TV. He is American, but he sometimes uses some Spanish sentences.

Hello, welcome again to the one-minute English class. Today is not my day, I'm sorry, but I have to give a class. [No tengo ganas] I don't feel like giving a class, but... I have to work, they pay me, and so I've come to work.

But today I have a headache. Oh, it's a terrible headache. I have a sore throat, it hurts to swallow. My back is itching, I don't know why, I'm constantly scratching my back because it itches so much. I have a strange feeling in my stomach, I have a stomachache.

And I, I feel a bit of fatigue, I need to breathe deeply today.

Something's the matter with me. Maybe I should go to the doctor.

My elbow hurts, my joints [mis articulaciones] my joints are aching and I think I have the beginning of a slight temperature or fever.

What do you think? Do you think I should go to the doctor?

Also, my God, I have a toothache. It's killing me, it hurts so much that I can't sleep at night. It's terrible. What shall I do? [¡Soy un caso!]

I think I need to go to the doctor. What do you think?

I'll go to the doctor and if he says I'm ok, I'll be back tomorrow to give you another English class. In the meantime, please, excuse me because, really, I think I need to go to the doctor today.


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