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How to Introduce Yourself In English (Twominute English) PRACTICE 3 lesson G
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What's the first thing you need to do when you meet someone new? Introduce yourself of course! You need to tell your new acquaintance your name in English and maybe some more information about you in English.

Do you feel prepared to handle it? Do you know of all the English words and phrases that you can use when you introduce yourself, and the replies that the other person might give? What about the things you'd have to say in return of those replies.

In this lesson we have a detailed look at introductions. We tell you how to introduce yourself and respond to basic questions.

Welcome to Teaching you English through two-minute lessons.

In this extra learning lesson, we will learn in detail about the words and phrases you use when you introduce yourself.

Introducing yourself to someone does not mean that you are just telling your name.

The introduction can include other details such as where you are from, where you work, the job you have, your hobbies and much more.

Yes, that’s right. How you introduce yourself depends on the situation you are in, and the amount of information expected from you.

Introducing yourself to someone you’ve just met.

When you are introducing yourself to someone you’ve just met, you can say ‘Hi’, ‘Hello’, ‘Hey’. ‘Hello’ is more of a formal way.

These are universal phrases and you can use them with anyone, be it a senior, a friend, a relative or someone younger.

These phrases are suitable for both formal and informal situations.

Saying ‘Hello’ or ‘Hi’ isn’t enough. In order to introduce yourself, you have to tell the person your name

You can start with something simple like,

'Hi my name is Marley. or 'Hello', I am Marley'. In formal situations you may want to give both your first and last name.

When you are talking with friends you can use a colloquial expression like ‘They call me Marley.’

After greeting people and telling them your name, you can also tell them how old you are or what you do for a living.

If you are an engineer, you can say ‘I’m  years old and I’m an engineer’. By telling them what you do, the person can know you better.

Yes, right! You can also tell someone where you live or where you are from.

To tell people about your origin, you can say for example ‘I am from Michigan or ‘I have come from Michigan’.

You can also say where you live ‘I live in Chicago.’

In telling someone where you live or where you've been, this can be a great conversation starter as they may have something to relate to you.

You can also ask people their name, or tell them some more about yourself.

Like what your hobbies are, what you like to do in your free time, where you hang out, and so on. It’s all part of getting to know you better.

To ask someone’s name, you can say. “My name is John. What’s yours?”

If you want to tell them about your hobbies you could say, “I really love playing chess” or I really enjoy running.I run every day.”

I hope this extra learning lesson was helpful and now you are better at introducing yourself to people.

Don’t forget to watch the original lesson by clicking on the link given in the description. See you soon!

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