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Personal information (Face2Face) UNIT 5 - part of lesson A
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Here you can revise personal information (questions and answers) and learn some new things too.

- Are you here for the conference?
- Yes
- Right. I need some personal details.
- Yes, of course.
- What's your surname?
- It's Hart.
- H-A-R-T. Thanks. And your first name?
- Amy. A-M-Y.
- What's your nationality?
- I'm Australian
- What's your address, please?
- In London?
- Uhuh
- It's 46, Green Road, London
- And what's your phone number?
- It's 020-74119274
- Sorry, could you repeat that, please?
- Yes. 020, 74, double 1, 9274
- Thanks, and what's your e-mail address?
- It's (@= at)
- Could you say that again?
- Here
- Thanks very much
- Welcome to the conference
- Thank you



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