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The little girl and the monster UNIT 9 - part of lesson B
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This little girl is not afraid of monsters... and she watches too much TV. Watch the video and read the explanations.

- And tell mummy again what you said you're gonna do to him if he came here.
- I said I'm gonna kick his ass.
- Oh, that's not nice.
- If he's gonna come in here, he's gonna kick my ass.
- He will?
- Yeah.
- If he come out ++++ in the movies, ++++, he will come out and kick my ass.
- Ok
- And I can kick his ass.
- Ok, but that's not a nice word. You should say "kick his butt".
- Oh!

The expression "kick his ass" is not nice, but it is very common on American TV and movies. It means "hit someone".
They use "be going to", "gonna" and "will" to talk about the future.

"Ass" AmE = "Arse" BrE (the part of your body where you sit)
This word is not nice. It is better to say "buttocks" or a short version: "butt". That's why her mother corrects her and tells her to say "butt", not "ass".

Unfortunately, American people really love this word. Get an American action movie and you will here this word 100 times! In colloquial American English it can replace the personal pronouns:

- I'm gonna kick your ass = I am going to hit you  (your ass = you)
- I don't like your ass = I don't like you  (your ass = you)
- Come on, move your ass = Come on, move  (your ass = you)
- My ass is very tired = I'm very tired  (my ass = I)
- She's a busy ass = She's a busy person
- I don't like your French ass = You are French, and I don't like you

You should know this, but please, don't use it. It is rude and very colloquial, and people who can't speak English very well can sound stupid if they use this.


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