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The Verb To Have: form & uses (English For All) (foreign) UNIT 5 - part of lesson J
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This is a lesson about the verb ' to have ' in English Language for ESL learners.
form of verb to have ( have, has, had, having ) 0:24
verb to have as a main verb 0:53
verb to have as a state verb ( to possess ) 1:20
using have got to mean possess 1:47
using verb to have as an action verb ( replaces some verbs) 2:25
have to and have got to -- to express external obligation 3:08
causative have 3:45
have, has and had as auxiliary or helping verbs in perfect tenses 5:36
have and have got in questions and negative form 5:59

The verb 'to have' can be a main verb or an auxiliary verb of perfect tenses. Also as a main verb, it can be a state verb in the meaning being possession or an action verb in which it replaces some verbs like eat, drink, take ..etc.
Also we have the " causative have" which causes an action to take place, and we have ' have to ' which indicate external obligation.


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