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What's your routine like? (Canada) UNIT 5 - part of lesson F
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Fred, from Canada, talks about his daily routine on week days and at weekends (you don't need to understand everything).
The question to ask about your daily routine is: what is your daily routine? or what is your routine like? (like= preposition, not verb)

Watch the video and write down all the activities you can understand. Write them in two columns: Weekdays & Weekends. Then check your answers with the transcript.

Hello, this is Fred from Canada and this is podcast 899: "Routine".

First question: What is your routine like in Canada?

What is my routine like in Canada?
Well, during the weekday, I would usually wake up quite early in the morning, at around 7:30, get ready, have some breakfast, then go straight to school and then I would stay in school until 5 or 6 o'clock. Then I would go back home and do some homework or I would go to the gym or do other activities. And then, on the weekend, I would either do some part-time work or just hang out with some friends.


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