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7 Ways to Stop a Burglar (MisterEpicMann)
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Nick was robbed in his dining room once. That will not happen again!


Hello. My name is Nick. But you probably know me as Misterepicmann. Or Shirley. But that's a story for another time. I joined YouTube back in 2009 with no real expectations other than to be myself on camera. Right now I am pursuing a degree in cinematic arts at college and I certainly hope to use that knowledge to make movies one day (Spitting water at my roommate and riding a broom around the room doesn't count...lolz). I currently own a company called Lost Light Films which is my primary focus after school and I hope I can merge my efforts into that company once school is completed...if I actually pass.


That is my front door... and that's my dining-room. One time when I was little, a robber got in through my front door and went to my dining room. I now have a plan to stop this from ever happening again.

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Well, hello there. Ha ha. Hope you don't mind. I'm just taking care of business. Poom!

Oh, oh, I'm just a little old lady. Don't rob me please. Psych! Pooom!
Stop! Whoa!
Ha ha ha ha ha ha

ONE TIME= It's more usual to say "once", but this is also heard.

WHEN I WAS LITTLE= When I was young.

ROBBER= A thief that steals things from a person or place (you rob a bank or you rob an old lady, but you steal a car or money)

AFFORDABLE= If something is affordable, you can afford it, you have the money or the resources to have it or do it.

HOPE= I hope. In conversational English it is not uncommon to drop the subject if there is no confusion about it.

PSYCH= (coll. AmE) /saɪk/ If you make somebody believe something which is not true, you can later call them "psych" as an insult for being so stupid.


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