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A Night to Remember (New Headway)
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Some dream dates can turn into a nightmare.

Are you free this evening? ... For a meal, yeah ... You are? That's fantastic!

It's David's new friend on the phone. I think he really likes her. It sounds very exciting.

OK, then. See you at 7:30. Bye.

 David has a date.
 What's her name?
 Julia? When did you meet her?
 Two weeks ago.
 Do you mind?
 What is it tonight then? Cinema, theatre, opera?
 A burger.
 A restaurant.
Which one?
Hong Kong House. It's Chinese. It's very good.
It's very cheap.
It's very good.

Well, I hope you and ...
... Julia ... have a great time.

I'II come with you.

Have a nice evening.

Bye, then. 

This is it.
Oh, Chinese. I had a Chinese meal yesterday. Can we go somewhere else?
Where would you Iike to go?
I Iove Italianfood. Is there an Italian restaurant near here?
I don't know.
Yes, there is! Marco's. It's about five minutes away.
Marco's? Oh yes. But that's ...
What's the problem?
Come on!

It's really Iovely here, thanks, David.
Don't mention it.
You know, I can speak Italian. Just a Iittle.
Can you? I can't speak any Ianguages.
Say something, David.

Good evening sir, madam.
Go on.

Buona sera. Potere abbiamo il menu, per favore?
Ah, molto bene, signore. Vuole vedere Ia Iista dei vini?

Sorry. Can you speak more slowly, please?
Would you Iike to see the wine Iist, sir?
Yes please. Grazie

What would you Iike to start?
The soup Iooks nice.
I think I'd Iike the truffles.
OK, the truffles, and can I have the soup, please?
Certainly. The truffles and the soup. And for the main course?
I'd Iike the Iobster.
And I'd Iike the roast chicken.
And to drink?
How about a bottle of champagne?

The champagne?
Yes. A bottle of champagne....'s hard work... but I Iike my job ... it's very interesting.
... and I Iike playing sports at weekends... ... tennis ...and I Iike reading... books ... magazines ...
Really? This is delicious.

Can we have the bill, please?
Certainly, sir.

Thank you very much, sir.
 What time's your train?  Half past ten.
Half past ten? It's half past ten now.
 Oh dear. Can you ring for a taxi?
 A taxi?

 Thanks for a wonderful evening. 
Don't mention it.

How much is it so far?
Nineteen pounds fifty, sir. 
But I only have twenty pounds! Do you take credit cards? 
American Express? 
A cheque?
Sorry. I only take cash, sir.

Thank you very much indeed, sir. Good night!

Thanks very much!

So that was David's date with Julia. He got home ... in time for breakfast!

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