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Huvr Board from the movie Back to the Future for real. A floating board, the dream of any skater. The famous hovering skateboard from the sci-fi movie Back to the Future II has finally come true. A magnetic system based on Quantum Mechanics can let you skate half a metre over the ground. It's the closest thing we can be to flying, or at least, to levitating.

Watch the video, and if you are still interested in finding out how this work, see under our ETC tab for more information, you could be just as amazed..

I'm Christopher Lloyd. And about 25 years ago, I played Doctor Emmett Brown in the film Back to the Future II, a landmark film that, amongst other things, introduced the concept of hoverboards to the world.

Now at the time-as much as we all wanted hoverboards to be real, of course, it was an impossibility. But I'm proud to announce that thanks to the clever folks with HUVr Tech, the technology has caught up with the concept.

In February, 2014, HUVr tech hosted an event in downtown Los Angeles. The following demonstrations are completely real.

Well done, man!
HUVr, HUVr, HUVr, HUVr, HUVr, HUVr...

I can't believe how well it works. I really... I didn't think it could be that smooth. You know, I'd always looked into the movie. It's like it was just awkward. It was going sideways. And once I get on it, I feel nature. I feel like that's where it's going. That's where it should be.

A lot of people that are skating nowadays, that are adamant skate fans, start skating because of that movie. You can ask them-current pros, you can ask them. They'll say, "Yeah, I started skating because of Back to the Future."

We wanted to show that anyone can enjoy the HUVr. So we invited a few other friends to try out the board. Most of whom have little to no experience skateboarding.

When I first got on, I thought it was gonna be incredibly awkward. I thought there would be this really sort of like extensive learning curve. And it's intuitive. Like the moment you start riding it, you know what to do. There's no precedent for this. I have no idea how it works. I'm baffled by the technology. But then again, I'm baffled by most technology.

It was a, it’s an experience I've never experienced before. And the the feeling is indescribable, so I feel like I was out of this world for a second. And I look down and my feet are off the ground! And then I'm like, "This is really happening!"

I didn't believe it. They told me that they have a hoverboard that can fly. I didn't believe it. And this is a crazy board. I love it.

It was crazy. I thought like, you know, the balance was gonna be hard, but it was pretty cool. Yeah, it was really easy.
Can I keep this? Dude, come on! Please?

The hoverboard has arrived.

This board has more technology within it than the satellites that we sent to space in 2010.

I was in a dream, a real life dream.

It's one of the greatest days in my life. I just wanna say thank you so much for letting me be one of the first people to try this out. It's just amazing.

And I'm still in shock that I'm doing it, that I'm just here actually riding this thing. I was hovering. It happened in my lifetime.

Well, this just goes beyond. It goes way beyond.

Thank you!

... ride hoverboards
Yeah, when I ride hoverboards, I have fun.
Yeah, when I ride hoverboards, I have fun.

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