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Elephant towers (India)
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The incredible things you can do with elephants. This is an Indian TV commercial.

As far as I can remember, I have always lived with elephants. Then one day, I discovered I had a power over them. So I decided to train them to do something special. The elephant tower! My elephant towers became bigger and bigger. I was famous all over India! But I was wrong about those animals. Elephants were not a good idea.

-I think I’m back!

AS FAR AS I CAN REMEMBER= Since I can remember.

ELEPHANT= Pronounced /elɪfənts/

I HAD A POWER OVER THEM= If you have a power over someone or something, you can control them.

TRAIN THEM= To train someone (or an animal) is to make them exercise an ability so that they can do it properly.

I THINK I'M BACK= I think I'm going to be famous again.

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