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How Fast Food Affects Your Mood (Health Chronicle)
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This video shows some effects that fast food can have on someone's mood. 

Are you salivating over cookies and cakes?
Do those potato chips seem like sheer perfection?
How about a big slice of piping hot, double-cheese pizza?

You may not realize it, but the food you are craving right now, might be caused by your mood, and conversely, the food you eat is causing your mood.

While it can seem that a mad-scientist’s experimental torture device is at work here, your body’s delicate hormonal balance is at play when you experience severe food cravings.

The bad news is that your brain and gut work together to form your food choices. This means that if you are consistently choosing low-quality foods with no vitamins and minerals and high levels of unhealthy fats, sugar, and even contaminates like glyphosate, aspartame (found in diet foods), MSG (monosodium glutamate) or high fructose corn syrup, your body can turn into a hungry monster looking for its next “kill.” You’ll essentially be hungry like a beast all the time and crave more “bad” foods if you continue to “feed the monster.”

The good news is that those horrible food cravings can be controlled by choosing better foods. Here are a few that can tame the beast:

Dark Chocolate helps to promote a feeling of bliss by supporting the creation of the neurotransmitter anandamide. This also keeps you from “stress-eating.”

Plant based protein will keep you full till longer, and though it takes some time for the body to process these proteins, a handful of almonds, for instance, won’t clog up your digestive tract.

Omega 3s found in things like hemp seeds, chia seeds, and flaxseed oil help boost your mood and regulate the chemicals released by your brain. Research shows they can also help regulate food cravings.

What you don’t want to do is keep feeding your monstrous food cravings. As you eat better, you’ll motivate the monster to chill out.

Whatch the following video and discuss with your classmates whether you have experienced some effects like those mentioned in the video. ¿Do you agree or disagree with what is said in the video? ¿Would you like to add something else to the list?

SALIVATING OVER= To salivate is to produce saliva inside your mouth, that liquid you produce when you are about to eat or when you think of food you like very much. To salivate over something means that you salivate in anticipation thinking of that something.

SHEER= Pure. Also used to emphasize a noun (sheer perfection = absolute perfection).

HOW ABOUT...?= We use this construction to make a suggestion, always followed by the verb in the -ing form (how about going to the beach? = We can go to the beach, ok?)

SLICE= A portion you cut from something (a slice of pizza, bread, cake, etc.)

PIPPING-HOT= Very, very hot.

REALIZE= Understand or be aware of something through a mental process.

CRAVE= If you crave for something, you really really want it.

MOOD= A particular state of mind or emotion.

CONVERSELY= In a contrary or opposite way; on the other hand.

DEVICE= A device is an object that has been made or built for a particular purpose, such as recording or measuring something.

IS AT PLAY= Is at risk, is in danger.

SEVERE= Very intense.

CRAVING= A craving is when you really really want something and you can hardly control that feeling.

THE BAD NEWS IS THAT= The bad thing about it is that..., The dark side of this is that...

GUT= Intentine, the part where your food is digested after it passes through the stomach.

CONSISTENTLY= If you do something consistently, you do it all the time, always.

ITS NEXT KILL= Its next victim to kill.

THE GOOD NEWS IS THAT= The good thing about it is that..

TAME= To tame a wild animal is to domesticate it, to make it obedient and under control.

BLISS= Deep happiness.


STRESS-EATING= Emotional-eating or stress-eating is the use of food to make you feel better (for instance, when people eat chocolate or ice-cream because they feel depressed).

PLANT BASED PROTEIN= The kind of protein you can find in vegetables, not in meat.

KEEP YOU FULL= If something keeps you full, you feel satiated, not hungry.

HANDFUL= A handful of something is the amount of it you can hold in your hand.

CLOG UP= Obstruct, block.

BOOST= To increase a lot. To boost your mood is to make you feel much better in a short period of time.

RELEASED= Liberated, set free.


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