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How to Memorize Fast and Easily (Boost your memory)
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Click on a word or on the <play> button for sound
Click on a word or on the red <play> button for sound

How to memorize fast and easily. Take this quick and easy challenge and discover the natural power of your memory.

See how to remember things easily. Learn how to memorize a speech or how to memorize for exams.

When you know the astonishing ability of your visual memory, you can use it to memorize anything.

If you'd like to memorize ten times faster, this video will show how easily you can improve. You remember information in two main ways: as words, using your verbal memory, or as pictures, using your visual memory. The different mental processes can achieve dramatically different results. People never believe how absolutely crazy the difference is, so he's a challenge for you and you can prove it for yourself.

First let's test your verbal memory. I'll give you a list of ten words and let’s see how many you're able to remember. Here we go:


Ok. Pause the video and write down all the words you can remember.


How did you go? If you are like the average person you were able to recall about five to seven words, not necessarily in the right order, so that was your verbal memory. Now let's test your visual memory. I'll give you another list of words but this time I’ll also give a short story and draw a picture. To activate your visual memory just create a mental picture of everything I described and draw. You can even close your eyes if you want and just listen to my voice. Here we go:

Imagine you're driving a bright red Ferrari with the top down. The music is pumping about the throaty growl of the engine and your hair is blowing in the wind.

With a loud ‘thump’ a giant chicken lands in the seat next to you. It's the size of a person, enormous, and yellow, it must've fallen out of the sky.

The chicken opens the car door and leaps out onto the road. As it stands there, an enormous green watermelon roles over the top of it and keeps rolling down the road.

You watch the watermelon roll down the road and straight into Barack Obama. The watermelon splits in half and Obama is left standing there dripping in watermelon juice.

Obama picks up a passing poodle and uses it to wipe juice off his face. The poodle is pure white but as it soaks up water melon juice it slowly turns bright pink.

Obama throws the poodle away, flies through the air in lands on the top of a tall flagpole. The weigh of the white poodle causes the flagpole to slowly topple over.

With a loud and messy ‘splat’ the flagpole falls into the middle of an enormous birthday cake. Icing, cream and candles go flying everywhere, raining down on people passing by.

A large dollop of cream lands on the head of an oversized Barbie doll. It creates a wierd chemical reaction and the doll shoots into the sky like a space rocket, blonde hair trailing behind her.

The doll rockets upwards and just as it starts to fall a large pizza exploits open above her head like a parachute. The pizza is attached to the doll by long streams of melted cheese.

The pizza eventually lands on the ground covering the doll, and a giraffe walks over and starts eating the pizza bending its long neck and stretching its tongue to lick up the delicious cheese.

After eating too much cheese, the giraffe pulls out a skateboard, jumps on it and starts gliding down the street, ducking signs and street lights as it rolls along.

The skateboard begins coughing and it stops and uses one of its wheels to light a cigarette. The cigarette becomes engulfed in flames and the skateboard throws it away.

The flaming cigarette flies through the air and lands on the torch being held aloft by the statue of liberty. The torch bursts into flames too.

The Statue of Liberty comes alive and thrusts the burning torch deep into a big bucket of
Ice-cream. It’s cherry-chocolate ice-cream that melts and starts to bubble ominously.

The ice cream explodes into fireworks lighting up the sky above the Statue of Liberty with brightly coloured fireworks forming the words: ‘The End’.

OK, pause the video again and write down how many words you're able to recall using your visual memory. The trick is to recreate the picture in your mind of each image in this story.


Did you see the difference? And I did something sneaky: I gave you 15 words not 10, but the average person would have been able to recall from 10 up to all 15 words, and mostly in the correct order.

Leave a comment below and let me know how your verbal memory scored against your visual memory. Visual memory techniques have been around for thousands of years but for some strange reason most people only know verbal memory techniques. Verbal techniques are things like acronyms and acrostics, word associations and rhymes and even songs, and they all need a serious chunk of boring repetition.

They can be fantastic for a small number of words but they don't activate the amazing power of your visual memory. If you'd like to activate the stunning power of visual memory to memorize the entire periodic table of elements head over to and check out our step by step animated video course. And if you'd like to learn some more amazing visual memory techniques you can register there for our video training series too and learn how to transform yourself into an amazing student.

Don't forget to tell me in the comments below your scores for your verbal and your visual memory and if you thought this was a cool challenge, please share it with your friends and see if their memory is as amazing as yours.

Thanks for watching. Bye.


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