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Journey to the centre of the Earth
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The last version of the famous best-seller by the great novelist Jules Verner, now in 3D and with the most dazzling special effects and quite a bit of humour added to it.

For centuries there has been a legend of a land untouched by time. Explorers have vanished searching for it. And now one man will set out to discover the truth.
- a journey to the centre of the earth. It wasn’t just science fiction.
- come on, boys
- don’t worry, looking good. Direction is my sixth sense
- ahh, watch out!
- ++++ your light
- nobody move. The slightest change in pressure can cause it to shatter
- phew!!
- it’s actually thicker than I thought
- we’re still falling!
- Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the centre of the Earth.
- whoa
- we believed in something that everyone taught it was impossible
- it’s incredible!
- doesn’t this just completely blow your mind?
- guys, ++++
- diamonds
- does that mean that everything in the book is real?
- probably
- all about the dangerous parts?
- we’re surrounded by lava
- ++++
- ++++
- I think I see something
- ok, ++++
- noooooo
This summer...
- duck! It’s on your track
... get ready for the first live action digital 3D movie ever
- have you ever seen a dinosaur before?
- not with skin on it
"Journey to the Centre of the Earth" 3D
- hello
- Sean
- mum?
- where are you?
- Uncle Trevor and I were sort of on a fishing trip
Experience the next dimension of adventure. Only in theatres, summer 2008.

UNTOUCHED= not touched. "Untouched by time"= without changes (time has passed but this place is still the same, nothing has changed)

VANISH= disappear

SEARCH FOR= look for

SET OUT= if you set out to do something, you start making plans to do it

DIRECTION IS MY SIXTH SENSE= we have five senses (touch, sight, smell, hearing and taste), so this sentence means: I’m so good at finding my way and not getting lost, that you can consider it my sixth sense.

WATCH OUT= be careful

SLIGHT= very small

PRESSURE= the force that you produce when you press on something

SHATTER= break into pieces, like when a glass falls down and breaks

BLOW YOUR MIND= if something "blows your mind", it is extremely shocking.

LAVA= volcanoes throw out liquid rocks, like burning red cream. That’s lava.

TO DUCK= to lower your head or your whole body (often to avoid something from hitting your head)

IT’S ON YOUR TRACK= it’s following you. The tracks are the signs you leave behind when you move (footprints, broken vegetation, etc.). Hunters follow the track of animals to find them and kill them.

LIVE= pronounced to rhyme with LIKE. It means: happening for real in front of your eyes (not something recorded in the past). Don’t confuse this with "to live" (rhyming with SHIP)

3D= in three dimensions (a photograph has 2 dimensions: height and width; a sculpture has 3 dimensions: height, width and depth).

THE FIRST EVER= the first one of all times (it’s just an emphatic way of saying "the first"). You can also use it with superlatives: "he’s the tallest person ever" = there never existed a person taller than him.

DINOSAUR= notice the pronunciation /dnəsɔ:*/.

SKIN= the film that covers our body to protect us from the outside

SEAN= careful, this name is pronounced "shon" (like Sean Conery), not *"seen"

MUM(BrE)= MOM(AmE). In both cases the pronunciation is the same, but the spelling is different because that sound corresponds to different vowels in BrE and AmE.

SORT OF= more or less

THEATRES(AmE)= cinemas(BrE). When the cinema arrived to America, it was shown in theatre houses, so cinemas in America are called "theatres" (sometimes also "cinemas")


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