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Junior is 1 year old (Junior, the bilingual…) (Spanish)
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Junior is a 14 month old Spanish boy and he already understands English quite well. His parents are both Spanish, but his father speaks to him in English all the time. See? kids don't need to study, they just need to listen (and adults can learn a lot just by listening too).

He's the son of my friend. Isn't he cute? (the baby, I mean) ;-)

(you can also watch the video with English subtitles if you click on the red symbol at the bottom bar)

You can watch more videos by Junior here: Junior, the bilingual boy

- (Es) que te quiero tanto, ¿verda' hijo?
- Listen to me. Close the door, please. Close the door.
- Tiene ++++ bien.
- Give me your dummy, please. Give me your dummy. No, with your hand. Give me your dummy. Mmm, delicious.
- How do you cough? How do you cough?
- And get angry. Get angry.
- Get angry. Very well. One clap, one clap. Very well.
- Angel, smell your foot. Smell your foot. Smell it, smell it. Ooo!
- Es p'a morirse.
- Oh my God.
- Oh my God.
- And now touch your nose. Touch your nose.
- Squeeze. Squeeze your nose. Squeeze your nose.
- Angel, blow your nose.
- Dile que ya vale para explotar a mi hijo ¿eh? Ha ha ha.
- A dog ¿Qué es? Un bau-bau, ¿verda' hijo? ¿Cómo hace el- cómo hace el bau-bau, cómo hace?
- Ba-ba-bau.
- Guau, guau, guau, guau.
- I'm going to bite your fingers.
- Hug daddy. Hug daddy.
- Bye, see you!

DUMMY= (AmE pacifier) The object babies suck in their mouth to keep them relax and sleep better.

DELICIOUS= /dɪlɪʃəs/

COUGH= /kɒf/ To expel air from the lungs suddenly and noisily, because you have a cold, a bad throat, etc.

CLAP= To clap is to clash your palms together, usually to show approval or enthusiasm; to applaud. A clap is an example of this action. It is used in the singular but it usually refers to the repeated action.

TOUCH= /tʌtʃ/

SQUEEZE= To compress or to press something, usually closing your hand or fingers around it.

BLOW= To blow is to expel air from your mouth powerfully with half-closed lips. The expression TO BLOW YOUR NOSE means to expel air from your nose into a handkerchief, in order to free your nose from mucus.

BITE= Close your teeth on something, as when you're eating food.

HUG= Embrace. When you hug someone, you put your arms around their body.


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