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Phonetics with M-E

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Life through a security camera
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Sometimes security cameras catch something totally different. They are set to catch people doing wrong, but of course, they mostly catch people doing right, cause that's the way it is. Life's good, check it out.

Security cameras around the world...
also capture...

People stealing... kisses,
music addicts,
harmless soldiers,
honest pickpockets
and potato chip dealers.

Attacks of friendship,
and kindness,
friendly gangs,
unexpected firemen,
rebels with a cause
and peaceful warriors,
a lot of crazy people
and a few crazy heroes

Let's look at the world a little differently
Love everybody

STEAL= (steal-stole-stolen) To take somebody else’s property without permission or right. To steal a kiss is to kiss somebody without permission.

HARMLESS= Without harm; not having or causing any harm.
A harmless soldier is a soldier that causes no harm, that is not dangerous.

PICKPOCKETS= A pickpocket is someone who steals people’s wallets or whatever they may have inside their pockets.

DEALERS= A dealer is someone who secretly sells illegal things. A drug dealer is a person who sells illegal drugs.

ATTACKS OF FRIENDSHIP= An attack of something is when you suddenly and intensely start experiencing it. For example, an attack of laughter is when you find something extremely funny and you can’t stop laughing.

GANGS= A group of criminals that somehow “work” together. Also, in informal English, a group of friends or people who often get together for some particular social reason.

UNEXPECTED= If something or somebody is unexpected, you didn’t expect it to happen or them to appear, so it’s a surprise for you.

REBELS WITH A CAUSE= There is a very famous movie from 1955 titled “Rebels Without A Cause”, by James Dean, about a teenager who creates lots of problems (the title was adopted from a book about psychopathy). On this video they change that famous title a little and turn it into “rebels WITH a cause”, that is, they have a good reason to rebel.
A rebel is a person who rebels against something. To rebel is to resist something or protest against it defying authority, because you consider it unfair or wrong.


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