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Marijuana burning fire
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A really funny video of a reporter trying to give the news on the burning of a marijuana plantation. As you can see, it's not easy at all!

And so, after weeks of painstakingly searching this rugged area the size of Wales, finally some kind of reward, 'cause behind me these soldiers gather and burn huge piles of coca leaves and marijuana.

The drug barons themselves...... may have escaped the net this time... but their evil wares have not... and... and I think you better cut there.

Behind me, smoke, soldiers burning drugs... the... soldiers... behind me... behind me... soldiers... rugged soldiers the size of Wales...... burning drugs. Painstakingly!

Behind me, painstaking barons burningly drug soldiers in huge piles of Wale nets.

Oh, oooo! Alright, that's the one, Jerry!
Hey, let's go for a c-...

PAINSTAKINGLY= With a big effort.

SEARCHING= Looking for something in a place. (if the police searches your house, they go all around your house looking for something)

RUGGED= /rʌgɪd/ A rugged place is a place with lots of mountains or with a very complicated ground (difficult to go from one place to another). A rugged person is someone tough and strong.

WALES= The country to the west of England (between England and Ireland).

REWARD= The prize you get for doing something, special something difficult.

SOLDIERS= notice the modern pronunciation /səʊləz/ (instead of /səʊldjəz*/)

GATHER= Collect, put together.

HUGE= Immense, very big.

COCA= /əʊkə/(a drug)

MARIJUANA= (also spelled marihuana) /mərɪwænə/ or /mærɪwænə/ cannabis (a drug)

THE DRUG BARONS= The important people at the top of the drug dealing piramid.

THEMSELVES= An emphatic pronoun, it's giving emphasis to the subject "the drug barons".

MAY= This modal expresses probability (= maybe).

THE NET= The police net, all the policemen surrounding and controlling the area to capture the drug barons.

EVIL= /i:vəl/ morally bad or wrong, malicious, wicked.

WARES= /weəz/ good for sale (the things people sale)

YOU BETTER= You should. We use this expression to give advice, and the complete phrase is "you had better" or "you'd better", but most people today say "you better".

YOU BETTER CUT THERE= You should stop recording now.

RUGGED SOLDIERS= Tough and strong soldiers.

THAT'S THE ONE!= This one is perfect!


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