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Milkshake Poem (Before Sunrise)
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Give me a word and I will write you a poem...

... robs you blind, okay?

- You were like a boy walking by an ice-cream store,­ crying because his mom won't buy him a milkshake or something.

- I don't care what this charlatan has to say about--

[he says something in German]

- What? I understand a little bit, but he doesn't at all, sorry. 

- ok, may I ask you a question?

- Yeah.

- So I would like to make a deal with you. I mean, instead of just asking you for money, I will ask you for a word .You give me a word, I take the word, and then I will write a poem­, with the word inside. And if you like it, if you like my poem, if it adds something to your life in any way­, then you can pay me whatever you feel like. I'll write in English, of course. Okay.

- All right. Ok.

- Ok.

- So? Pick a word.

- A word?

- Milkshake.

- Milkshake? Oh, good.

- I was gonna say rooster prick. But great. Milkshake.

- Milkshake? Okay, milk shake. All right, so.

- Good.

- I gotta say, I like this viennese variation of bum.

- I like what he said about adding something to your life

- So, were we having our first fight back there?

- I think so. I think we were. Even if we were, why does everyone think conflict is so bad? There's a lot of good things coming out of conflict.

- Yeah, I guess so.

- I always think if I could just accept the fact­ that my life was supposed to be difficult, that's what's expected, ­then I might not get so pissed off. And I'd just be glad when something nice happens. That's why I'm still in school. It's easier to have something to fight against.

- Well, we've all had such competitiveness ingrained in us

You know, I can be doing the most nothing thing

Throwing some darts or shooting some pool

Then all of a sudden, I feel it come over me

I have got to win

- Is that why you tried to get me off the train? Competitiveness?

- What do you mean?

- I got a poem

- Oh, all right. Will you read it to us?

- Sure. Okay

- "Daydream delusion"

Limousine eyelash

Oh, baby, with your pretty face

Drop a tear in my wine glass Look at those big eyes

See what you mean to me

Sweetcakes and milkshakes

I am a delusion angel

I' m a fantasy parade

I want you to know what I think Don't want you to guess anymore

You have no idea where I came from

We have no idea where we're going

Lodged in life

Like branches in the river

Flowing downstream Caught in the current

I carry you

You'll carry me

That's how it could be

Don't you know me?

Don't you know me by now?"

- Great. Thanks.

- Thanks, man. Here you go. Thanks.

- All right. Here. Thank you.

- Thank you. Good luck man.

- Bye.

- Bye.

In the film 'Before Sunrise' when Jesse and Celine take a walk alongside a river around the midnight in Vienna, a sort of homeless guy asks them to give him some amount of money if they would like his poem which has include a word they choose. Then they pick up a word ‘Milkshake’.


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