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New Moon
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The trailer for the second film in the Twilight saga. A girl falls in love with a vampire but he doesn't want to put her in danger, so he leaves her thinking that his departure will make her safer... well, he's wrong.

Edward (the vampire guy) has a British accent and Bella (his girlfriend) and the rest, have an American accent. It is common to find people with a British accent in many American fantasy movies for no apparent reason. That is because creatures from tales and folklore originated in Europe, so it sounds just natural that they should have a European accent (British, of course). Or sometimes because a British accent gives the character a strong air of distinction, refinement and formality.

It's my birthday...can I ask for something?
Kiss me
I love you.

You're my only reason to stay...alive, if that's what I am.

It's time, it's time!
Happy birthday, Bella.
Let's open your presents! There's a cake too.
Alice, that cake could feed fifty, and you guys don't even eat... Thanks. *ouch* Paper cut.

What happened with Jasper was nothing.
Nothing compared to what could have happened. And I promise never to put you through anything like this ever again. This is the last time you will ever see me.

How much could you mean to him if he left you here, unprotected. But I can't help myself, you are so... mouthwatering.

Jake, run!

YOU’RE MY ONLY REASON TO STAY ALIVE= You’re the only reason I’ve got to continue living. He hesitates when he says “alive” because he is a vampire, and vampires are not alive, they’re dead (a living dead for that matter) so the expression is not very appropriate for him.

THAT CAKE COULD FEED FIFTY= 50 people could eat that cake and have enough food for each (it’s so big).

YOU GUYS= It’s a common American way of marking YOU in the plural:
You (singular): Paul, can you help me?
You guys (plural, masculine and/or feminine): Can you guys help me, I need some people to move this car.

YOU GUYS DON’T EVEN EAT: they don’t eat because they are vampires (vampires feed on blood, but this family is nice vampires and they are vegetarians).

PAPER CUT= I cut myself with a paper sheet edge. In the sentence "paper cut", the word "paper" is functioning as adjective and "cut" is a noun.

I CAN’T HELP MYSELF= I can’t resist, I can’t control myself.

MOUTHWATERING= (adj.) Something that makes your mouth water (fill with saliva) because it is so delicious and tasty (you want to eat it).

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