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One Dark Night in the Middle of the Day: A spooky Halloween Poem
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A classic, spooky Halloween Poem... nonsense verses.

One Dark Night
In the Middle of the Day,
Two Dead Boys
Got Up to to play,
They Stood Back to Back
To Face One Another,
Drew Their Swords
And Shot Each Other,
A Deaf Policeman Heard the Noise
And Ran to Save the Two Dead Boys,
If You Believe This Tale Is Tall
Just Ask the Blind Man,
He Saw It All.

BACK TO BACK= Near, but facing opposite directions.

DREW THEIR SWARDS= (draw - drew- drawn) If you draw your sword /sɔ:*d/, you take it out so you are ready to use it.

DEAF= Who can't hear.

BLIND= Who can't see.

THIS TALE IS TALL= This story is false and absurd.



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