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Pay It Forward (trailer and full movie) (full movie)
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Can good deeds be spread just like a virus? Well, some young boy is going to try.

Watch the trailer here and then you can watch the full movie here.


to watch the full movie, click here.

What if the world is just a big disappointment? Unless you take the things that you don't like about this world and you flip them upside down. And, you can start that today.

That's me. And that's three people. And I'm going to help them. And they do it for three other people, and they do it for three more.

But it has to be something really good. Something they can't do by themselves.

- Lost your car?
- That's a keen observation.
- I can help you.
- You're giving me a brand new Jaguar and you don't want anything?
- Call it generosity between two strangers.

What did you tell my son to make him bring a homeless man into my house?

- I've got a story, ok? I'm saying a partner at Channing and Moss is giving away new cars?
- Just Pay it forward. Three big favours for three other people.
- Hello.
You can't just put two people together and make them like each other.
- This is the one.
- Pay it forward.
- Pay it forward?
- It's like this idea.
- You can fix a person.
- Do you wanna come in... and stay?
- This is complicated.
- Come in.
- It's supposed to be something hard.
- I don't care about your burns, Eugene, if that's even what they are. Is that what they are?
- I can't.

- I'm so sorry.
- Don't tell me how sorry you are for me.
- Maybe you're scared to get rejected. Well, I can't reject you, you're too quick for me.
- Are you still gonna pay it forward? Give her another chance. For me.
- You wear this.
- No, I wanna wear the green dress.
- No, you smell good.
- Are you sure?
- Yea, yea.

- Pay it Forward, the movement, that's reached L.A. Mrs. McKinney.
- Come on. The movement?
- So you'll like flunk us if we don't change the world.
- But you might just squeak by with a “C”.

to watch the full movie, click here.

FLIP= Turn.

UPSIDE DOWN= If you turn something upside down you change it completely, you turn it 180º.

A KEEN OBSERVATION= An observation which is very intelligent (the man here is being sarcastic).

BRAND NEW= Completely new.

JAGUAR= The name of a brand of luxury cars.

HOMELESS= A poor person who hasn't got a house to live.

PARTNER= In a company, one of the owners of the business.

CHANNING AND MOSS= The name of that company.

GIVING AWAY= Giving as a present, for free.

PAY IT FORWARD= A new phrase made up in this movie. In English "Pay it back" means I do something for you and then you do something for me. So "pay it forward" is the opposite, I do something for you and you do something for someone else.

HARD= Difficult.

BURNS= Scars (wounds) caused by fire.

SCARED= Afraid.

GONNA= Going to.

CHANCE= Opportunity.

LIKE= More or less.

FLUNK= Fail an exam.

SQUEAK BY= (slang) Almost fail or miss.

a "C"= Grades for an exam in the US are: A, B, C (pass) D, E, F (fail). A is the best mark, C is just a pass, but almost a fail.

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