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Ricky Martin's funniest interview
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Puerto Rican singer Enrique Marín, better known as Ricky Martin, is interviewed at the TV programme called "Rosie O'Donell Show". She covers her eyes up and has to guess who the surprise guest for the show is.

The sound quality is so poor I had problems to understand some words, so excuse my xxxx. (leave a comment if you do understand them)

He's bilingual, so his English is almost as good as his Spanish, but in this video his accent is more like Micky Mouse. You can also watch the video of his song She Bangs.

... now, if it is Tom Cruise, the entire staff is fired. You think I'm kidding? I'm totally not. Ladies and gentlemen, because I have no choice, I'd like you to welcome the mystery guest.

That... that was enjoyable, I say. Mystery guest, are you sitting?
- Yes
- Are you a man?
- Yes
- Have you ever been on this programme before?
- Yes
- Are you under 30?
- Yes
- Are you cute?
- ehm...
- Are you Tom Cruise!
- No
- Are you Tom Phillip?
- xxxx
- Ok, just xxxx one uncheck, just in case. Ok... now, are you... Ooo! You kissed me again! Have you kissed me before today?
- Yes
- Are you an actor?
- Sometimes
- Are you a singer?
- Yes
- A singer who acts. Are you part of a group?
- No
- Do you know one of the extinct voice of the Backstreet Boys or the...
- Nes
- No. Ok. What do you do? rap music?
- No
- Pop music?
- Yes. I leave it so I answer my phone sometimes
- Are... Do I enjoy your music?
- I think so
- Mark Anthony?
- Kind of
- What?
- Close
- Ricky Martin?
- Yes!
- That was fun
- She guessed!
- That was good
- she guessed it
- Ricky Martin. Wait a minute. Someone told me that they thought it was gonna be you but you're on tour in xxxx, someone said.
- I am. Can I take my voice now? Thank you very much. Wow.

STAFF= The people working in a place.

FIRED= If you are fired, you lose your job because they send you out.

I'M KIDDING= I'm joking, I'm not serious, it's not true, it's just for fun.

TOTALLY= A fashionable word used today to emphasize, (posh people really overuse it)

GUEST= (on TV) A famous person invited to go to a TV programme to act or be interviewed or something.

THAT WAS ENJOYABLE= I like it, it was pleasant.

, I SAY= We add this tag to a sentence to emphasize what we just said.
That was enjoyable, I say = That was really enjoyable

UNDER 30= Younger than 30 years old.

CUTE= Handsome/pretty, with a very nice appearance.

NES= (for fun) A combination between Yes and No. Can be used as an automated response to something that does not make any sense. Can also mean confusion. Or simply, when neither yes or no could be an exact answer.

I LEAVE IT SO I ANSWER MY PHONE= I stop singing to answer my phone (so = so that, in order to, to + infinitive). He means that he is singing all the time.

KIND OF= More or less. Not exactly but close

CLOSE= near

WAIT A MINUTE= We use this phrase when we want to create expectation because we're going to say something unexpected, shocking or strange.

GONNA= Going to (future)

ON TOUR= Singing in concerts from city to city.

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