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The Chronicles of Narnia II: Prince Caspian
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One year later for them. 1300 years for Narnia. Everything is really changed and really unexpected (see an interview with two actors)

- I don’t remember any ruins in Narnia
- I wonder who lived here
- I think we did
- I think it’s time we found what went on here
- Who are you?
- I am Prince Caspian
- You may find Narnia a more savage place than you remember
- All that you know is about to change
- For Narnia!

RUINS= the remains of a building which has crumbled down.

I WONDER= I don’t know but I’m curious about it.

IT’S TIME WE FOUND= the expression "It’s time" is always followed by the past tense, but it refers to the future.

FOUND= here it means: found out (get to know, investigate)

WENT ON= happened

PRINCE CASPIAN= When we use the word "prince" as a title, as part of the name, it is capitalized and has no article: "I am Prince Caspian". When we use it as a noun, it’s not capitalized and uses normal articles: "he is the prince of Narnia". The same happens to other titles such as: princess, king, queen, president, doctor, etc.

MAY= auxiliary verb expressing possibility (perhaps)

SAVAGE= brutal, wild.

THAN= conjunction used in comparative sentences.

IS ABOUT TO CHANGE= it will soon change ("to be about to" is used to express near future)

NARNIA= the name of the fantasy kingdom on this film.


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