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The Great Pretender (School of Comedy)
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Adolescent comedic actors take on the world of adults in a unique comedy sketch show starring Will Poulter and Jack Harries plus a host of rising stars.

The sketches feature a wide range of characters from a extremely rude landlady, a cross-dressing Easter European plumber, white van men, an eccentric estate agent, and a sexually repressed couple from the 1930s to some hapless South African security guards.


- This is the worst part of the job. I hate giving bad news.
- Don't worry, I'll do the talking, just follow my lead.
- Hello
- Mrs Harries.
- Yes?
- It's about your son.
- God, what is it. Is he alright?
- Mrs Harries, you may want to sit down because your son is... he's just...
- ..been promoted!
- What?
- Promoted, isn't that amazing?
- Sorry, but he...
- Oh, he's done ever so well.
- Sorry, your son is...
- ...gonna have his picture in the paper.
- Why?
- For doing a painting of a little dog that he saved from a fire.
- No, he's...
- ... gonna record an album with Lily Allan.
- The fact of the matter is your son is...
- ...going to the moon. The moon!
- Mrs Harries, your son's been involved in...
- ... A time-travel project. He's gonna be the ++++, he can levitate.
- Excuse me.
- (levitate)
- Breaks your heart. Doesn't it?

Oh yes, I'm the great pretender.

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