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The Meatrix
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This cartoon talks about modern ways of massive meat production making a parody of the film "The Matrix". Will Leo the pig take the blue pill and remain in a fantasyland where quaint family farms produce food for our tables?

- Here you go, Leo.
- Psst, Leo!
- Who are you? And how did you know my name?
- I’m Moopheus, and I know a lot about you. Have you heard of the Meatrix?
- The Meatrix?
- Do you want to know what it is?
- OK.
- The Meatrix is all around you, Leo. It is the story we tell ourselves about where meat and animal products come from. This family farm is a fantasy. Take the blue pill and stay here in the fantasy, take the red pill and I’ll show you the truth.
- Welcome to the real world.
- Whoah! What is this horrible place?
- This is a factory farm, Leo. Places like this are were most eggs, milk and meat come from.
- How did this happen?
- I’ll show you.
- In the mid 20th century, greedy agriculture corporations began modifying sustainable family farming to maximize their profits at great cost to both humans and animals. Factory farming was born. Animals are packed as closely together as possible. Most never see sunlight, touch ground or get fresh air. Many can’t even turn around. These cruel conditions cause fights and disease amongst the animals. To fix this, the corporate machine began systematic mutilation, practices such as debeaking chickens, and they started adding a constant dosage of antibiotics to their feed, just to keep these poor wretches alive. This overuse of antibiotics breed super strains of resistant disease-causing germs, every day we get closer to an epidemic that cannot be stopped.
- Eeeuw! What’s that smell?
- 12 million pounds of excrement! This pollutes the air and ground water. That’s why communities near factory farms often suffer from high levels of related sicknesses.
- Well, it smells like shhhhh...
- And what’s more, Factory Farming corporations have been destroying communities and mistreating their workers for decades. Since 1950, over 2 million small hog farms have disappeared. If they continue at this rate there’ll be no real independent family farms left.
- That is the Meatrix, Leo. The Lie we tell ourselves about where our food comes from.
- But it’s not too late, there is a resistance.
- Count me in!
- So how do we stop them Morpheus?
- We are going to spread the word. But it's you, the consumer who has the real power! Don't support the factory farming machine! There is a world of alternatives! and I'll show you what you can do to escape the Meatrix.

HERE YOU GO= Here you are; here; have this; take it.

GREEDY= Somebody greedy is always trying to get more than he deserves or needs, the more the better.

SUSTAINABLE= Capable of being continued with minimal long-term effect on the environment.

PROFITS= Benefits.

DISEASE= Illness.

FIX= Repair.

MUTILATION= The act of cutting off part of the body of an animal or a person.

DEBEAK= To cut off the beak (the hard part a bird has outside its mouth).

FEED= The food you give to animals.

WRETCH= A miserable, unfortunate, or unhappy person.

BREED= To produce, engender, bring about.

GERMS= A microorganism, especially a pathogen (one that may cause an illness).

GROUND WATER= Water that runs or is naturally underground.

SICKNESS= Illness, disease. Used here in the plural: sicknesses.

IT SMELLS LIKE SHHH...= Leo was about to say a rude word (sh*t), so Morpheus stops him.

MISTREATING= Treating badly.

HOG FARMS= A domesticated pig, especially when they weigh more than 54 kilos (120 pounds).

AT THIS RATE= At this speed.

COUNT ME IN= I'll take part of it, I'll be in the group, I volunteer for it.

TO SPREAD THE WORD= To tell everybody about it.

A WORLD OF ALTERNATIVES= Many many alternatives.


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