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The Notebook
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Just watch the trailer, listen and read together, and study the vocabulary and script. When you are ready, take the quiz. Enjoy this love story.

Now listen to it again and see if you can complete these sentences

Fill in the blanks with the most correct word or words.

magical___nothing in common___settle for___fiance___longs for

1 I wanted $400 for my motorcycle, but I had to _____ $300.
2 Ning is going to be married soon. Her __________ is an electrical engineer.
3 Nuri is very different from her sister. They have _____.
4 My tour around the world was __________! It was a dream come true!
5 He said that he ______ a job that he will really enjoy.

It was a MAGICAL summer. Noah was a country boy. Ali was from the city. They met the night of the carnival. They had nothing IN COMMON, but after seeing Ali that night something inside Noah SNAPPED.

Will you go out with me?
Damn, my hand's slipping.
Okay, fine! I'll go out with you!
No, don't do me any favours.
No, I want to!
Say it again.
I want to go out with you!
Alright, alright. We'll go out.

Ah... They fell in love, didn't they?
Yes, they did.

You want to dance with me?

This is A GOOD STORY. I think I've heard it before.

It's like a dream.
Well, what are you going to do Noah?
I work at the LUMBERYARD.
How much do you make at your job?
FORTY CENTS an hour.
It has got to stop!
He's a nice boy, but he is not for you!
I don't see how it's going to work.
You are not to see him anymore AND THAT'S FINAL!

... From the best-selling novel by Nicholas Sparks ...
Oh miss, HOWS ABOUT that date?
... comes a story ...
It's normal not to forget your first love, but only for myself. Marry me?
... About what we LONG FOR ...
I saw your picture in the paper, and I just wanted to see if you were okay.
... what we SETTLE FOR ...
I have a FIANCE waiting for me.
What happened? Who did she choose?
... and who we're meant for ...
Why didn't you write me? I waited for you for seven years!
I wrote you every day for a year.

... New Line Cinema presents Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdams, James Garner, Gena Rowlands, James Marsdem with Sam Shepard and Joan Allen in a Nick Cassavetes film ...

I read to her, and she remembers.

... The Notebook ...

MAGICAL - (adj) having a powerful, uplifting, mysterious influence (e.g. magic spell, magic trick)

NOTHING IN COMMON - dissimilar likes and dislikes, not the same, different

SNAPPED - (v) broke quickly with a sharp sound - Snap! (from snap, snapped, snapped)

A GOOD STORY - the #1 phrase to praise a story, novel or a movie

LUMBERYARD - (n) a yard where trees are cut into wood planks etc.

FORTY CENTS - 40% of one US dollar (This was very low pay!)

AND THAT'S FINAL - a final decision that is strongly said (Often said by a   parent to a child)

HOWS ABOUT - friendly and informal for 'how about'

LONG FOR - (v) have a strong wish for, have a heartfelt desire for

SETTLE FOR - (v) to finally do or accept something less than you wanted

FIANCE - (n) the person that you are engaged to marry


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