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The voyage of the Dawn Treader (The Chronicles of Narnia)
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A new episode from the series "The Chronicles of Narnia", originally written by C.S. Lewis. Having sold over 100 million copies in 47 languages, it is now adapted to the cinema. These stories, based on Christian themes, use characters from Greek mythology as well as from traditional British and Irish fairy tales, making out quite an awesome mixture of fantasy and moral teachings which has proved quite appealling all over the world.

This is the third episode in a series of seven. The Voyage of the ‘Dawn Treader’ returns Edmund and Lucy Pevensie, along with their priggish cousin, Eustace Scrubb, to Narnia. Once there, they join Caspian's voyage on the ship Dawn Treader to find the seven lords who were banished when Miraz took over the throne. This perilous journey brings them face to face with many wonders and dangers as they sail toward Aslan's country at the end of the world.

-  Are you sure you're eighteen?
-  Why, do I look older?
-  Edmund, you're supposed to be helping me with the groceries.
-  Better luck next time, eh squirt?
-  Squirt? I'm a king.
-  Not in this world.
-  Lucy, have you seen that ship before?
-  It's very Narnian looking, isn't it?
-  What's going on here?
-  I'm in the painting.
-  Don't, don't...

-  Edmund!
-  Aslan!
-  Welcome. You have come far, but your journey lies beyond.
-  Reepicheep!
-  Your majesties.
-  So, if there are no wars to fight,...
-  Then why are we here?
-  You are all about to be tested.
-  Edmund. I can make you my king, and much more.
-  I'm beautiful.
-  You've got an extraordinary destiny. Something greater than you could have imagined.
From C.S. Lewis' epic masterpiece...
-  The fate of Narnia depends on you.
...this Christmas
-  This place just gets weirder and weirder.
-  You have returned for a reason your adventure begins now.
The Chronicles of Narnia
The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.
Directed by Michael Apted.
This December in Digital 3D.

YOU'RE SUPPOSE TO= You should.

GROCERIES= Food (the things you buy at a grocer's shop)

SQUIRT= (coll.) A small young person.

NARNIAN LOOKING= With a Narnian appearance, looking like something from Narnia.

GOING ON= Happening.

BEYOND= Farther away, past this point.
Your journey lies beyond = your trip starts here and will take you farther away.

FATE= Destiny.

WEIRDER= More weird. Weird = Strange.

VOYAGE= A long journey, especially by sea.

DAWN= /dɔ:n/ The sunrise, the moment when the sun comes out and day begins.

TREADER= Someone who treads. To tread is to step on something or to walk.
The Dawn Treader is the name of the ship.


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