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The X Factor
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On the TV programme "X Factor" they audition people who think they are talented and select only the real gifted ones.

But for the next contestant, the World of showbiz seems a million miles away. It’s Paul, a mobile phone salesman from south Wales.

By day, I ++++ mobile phones. My dream is to spend my life doing what I feel I was born to do.

- Paul, what are you here for today, Paul?
- to sing opera.

I’ve always wanted to sing as a career. Confidence is always been tough like difficult thing for me. I’ve always found it a little bit difficult to be completely confident to myself.

- Ok, we’re ready when you are

(he sings in Italian)

- so you work a card-phone warehouse, and you did that! I wasn’t expecting that, Paul.
- neither was I
- this was a complete breath of fresh air. I thought you were absolutely fantastic.
- You have an incredible voice. I think if you keep singing like that you are gonna be one of the favourites to win this whole competition.
- I think that we’ve got a case of a little lump of coal here that is gonna turn into a diamond.
- Ok. Moment of truth, young man. ++++
- absolutely yes!
- Amanda?
- yes
- Paul, you are ++++

- congratulations!
- it’s unbelievable, I have goose pimples.
- you must be over the moon!
- I am. A bit shocked too ++++

And as Paul heads home happy, the judges think they might have found something special in Cardiff.

- I like shows were somebody isn’t a professional, has a talent, isn’t aware of it, has a normal job, and then you see something ++++. I like that.
- We discovered a little gem. A frog that will turn into a prince.
- yeah.

SHOWBIZ= show business.

MOBILE or MOBILE PHONE (BrE)= cell or cellular phone (AmE)

WALES= a little country to the left of England, in front of Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom. Its capital is Cardiff, in the south.

SALESMAN= somebody who sells things, but not by staying behind the counter of a shop.

BY DAY= in this example it means "at present".

I DO MOBILE PHONES= I work with mobile phones, I sell mobile phones.

CAREER= your professional life (if you go to university, your career starts when you finish your studies and start working).

TOUGH= difficult.

LIKE DIFFICULT= in this example LIKE means nothing, it’s just a gap-filler (= sort of).

TO EXPECT SOMETHING= to think that something is going to happen.

NEITHER WAS I= me neither. It is the opposite of "so was I" = "me too".

A BREATH OF FRESH AIR= something new and nice.

LIKE THAT= that way (LIKE here is a comparison preposition)

GONNA= going to

WHOLE= entire

LUMP= piece

COAL= the black stone that burns and is used for heating or producing electricity. Diamonds are the result of the crystallization of coal.

TURN INTO= transform

TO HAVE GOOSE PIMPLES= when you feel a strong emotion (like affection, fear or even cold) and your skin pores close tightly producing little bumps, the same as the skin of a goose (or a chicken) when you pluck them (remove their feathers).

TO BE OVER THE MOON= to feel extremely happy.

TO HEAD FOR A PLACE= to go in that direction.

TO BE AWARE OF SOMETHING= to know that something is true.

GEM= a kind of jewel, a precious stone, very beautiful and expensive (like diamonds).

A FROG THAT WILL TURN INTO A PRINCE= in European folklore, an enchanted prince which looks like a frog becomes a prince when a princess kisses him, so the expression means that an "insignificant" person will become very important.


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