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Viral global warming video scandal
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Warning: some disturbing images.

Personally, I believe in man's responsibility for global warming, but I was really shocked and horrified to see the video some activists made to encourage people to behave more ecologically. I thought it was really gross and shocking and suggests that those who don't agree with them should be physically or socially eliminated. That was two days ago. Today, I'm glad to hear on TV, the video has been removed from YouTube due to the huge negative backlash caused by it.

They thought their video was funny (?!!*?), and all they got now is material to undermine their views and make sceptics grow. This TV fragment shows the beginning of the video. Fortunately, the image quality is not very good. As the news woman says, the rest of the original video (not shown here) is even worse.

Well, maybe there's a big lesson we must all remember here:

(... never)

If we finally learn this, most of the wars, violence, oppression, terrorism, revolts and destruction will come to an end, because most people who pull the trigger believe they're doing it for a good cause, and no good cause can be defended or promoted attacking other people. If a cause needs violence, then it's not a good cause anymore.

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