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Weird Doors (School of Comedy)
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Children living the life of adults... well, that can be funny. Even scary on this occasion.

- That's pretty much it. Uhm... the garderner's shed, but yours are completely paved ++++ towards the back and it's pretty secluded.
- That's- that's great. It must have a bit of a garden.
- Yeah, maybe we can grow there some vegetables or something.
- As I said, it's completely paved, so...
- Right, right. Uhm... sorry, I don't think we went through that door there.
- Right, actually, that's probably one of the things you wanna replace. Some of the doors don't quite work properly.
- Don't work properly what, the- the hinges or something.
- No, it's uhm... it's more to do with the... uhm... it's probably best if I show you. See, they don't really work properly.
- What- what about this one? That's really weird.
- So this is the one that works, right? Oh dear, so... how do we get out?
- Uh?
- How do we get out?
- Oh, uhm... well, we just...
- Are we stuck in here?
- Ok, don't worry, don't worry, we'll just try that one.
- Right.

- I promise this happens very rarely.
- Uhm... can we see the master bedroom again?

THAT'S PRETTY MUCH IT= That's all there is, that's all.

PAVED= Something paved has the floor covered with pavement (cement, stone or something, not just earth or grass)

PRETTY= (conversational) Quite.

IT MUST HAVE A BIT OF A GARDEN= I suppose it has a very big garden. (yea, "a bit" means "a little", but that's the way we often speak, kind of ironic)

GROW= If you grow plants, you plant them to see them grow.

OR SOMETHING= Or maybe some other thing.

ACTUALLY= In fact.

WANNA= (coll.) Want to.

REPLACE= Change, substitute for another thing.

PROPERLY= Correctly.

HINGES= The pieces on the side of a door that join the door to the wall but also lets it rotate to open and close (see picture)

TO DO WITH= Related to.

WEIRD= /wɪə*d/ Strange.

OH DEAR= An exclamation of surprise, joy or desperation.

STUCK= If you are stuck, you can't move.

RARELY= Not usually at all.

MASTER BEDROOM= The most important bedroom in a house.


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