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What is Grace? (TheAnimaSeries)
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What is Grace?

I consider myself an expert on the subject of grace, not because I understand it better than anyone else. In fact, most times I'm left completely clueless as to what grace actually is. I just know it when I see it and I know it when I experience it because, frankly, I've needed a lot of it in my life, so I guess I'm not an expert, just I have a lot of practice. But even with all the years of messing up and needing what Christians call God's grace I'm still left struggling with the most basic of questions:

What is grace?

You see, I think way too often we in the church overcomplicate something that at its purest form could not be more simple. You see, grace is gained righteousness at Christ's expense, meaning that when Jesus's death on the cross he purchased for us a right relationship with God that we could not earn for ourselves, because grace is received and can't be earned and once this gift is realised, it adequately covers everything; meaning every debt is cancelled, every single sin, past, present and future.

So get ready and come expectantly because grace is a growing revolution and carnal execution meaning that as we leave the flesh behind and as we die more and more to ourselves, we are stepping into a movement that continues to change the world by giving redemption and communion to everyone.

God is granting rest after condemnation ends, because a gap has been realized and connected entirely. A bridge has been built, the battle has been won and God reigns and Christ is exalted.

So simply put, grace is proof that God really always can endure.


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