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You still can (an inspiration animation)
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As people grow older, they are more afraid of change, they are scared of wishing upon a star, and instead of taking risk and making that giant leap of faith, they turn around and go back to stage 1.

Is that what you want for your life, forever at stage 1? Follow your dreams...never give up!! and don't be afraid of mistakes and failiures, they pave the road to success and happiness.

[there are some mistakes on the video, corrected on this transcript]

Think when you were still a kid.

Think when you were a kid.
Everything [was] possible

You put [a] blanket over your back,
Then you became a superman

You take your mom’s broom and ride on it
Then you became a witch

You climb up the tree not knowing that you might fell
You simple made it

You just had an idea and made it happen
because you believe[d]
You were then creative with strong belief

As you became adult, things seem to be a little different

When you [fail] in your exam
You think “I can never make it

When you have a brilliant marriage proposal
Then you think “maybe it’s not the right time”

When you want to start a business
You think “maybe it’s not as easy”

When you are already in the business
You [hear] someone [say], do not take risk

Then, when you have a brilliant idea that can create more jobs for poorer nations, can provide better living for more people, can make our nation proud, can help the growth of our nations, and can create a better world... and you said, “I’m not sure”
You are still creative but with more doubt

Then years later, you heard someone had the same idea as yours

What makes him different from you?

He puts his idea into reality
He’s the most promising creative young entrepreneur of the year
His action won him this recognition

Then you start to think
How I wish I had taken action [] years ago

Think when you were a kid, If that idea came by when you were still a kid. Could you have taken action??

When back then, you strongly believe[d]

It is never to late..
You just need to have an idea and make it happen

You still can… if you believe

KID= (coll.) child.

MIGHT= (or may) possibly.
We use the modal verbs "may" or "might" to express possibility (the same function as the word "maybe")

MADE IT= Succeeded
- Congratulations, you made it!

FAIL AN EXAM= If you fail an exam you don't pass it, your mark is not good enough.

MAKE IT= Succeed, do it correctly.

BRILLIANT= Very very good, incredible.

HEAR= Verbs of the senses are followed by infinitive without to (when you perceive the complete action happening) or -ing (when you see part of the action in progress:
- I saw him cross the street (I saw him when he was on this side of the street, then as he walked all the way to the other side)
- I saw him crossing the street (I saw him when he was in the middle of the street, walking, but I didn't see the complete action)

PROVIDE= Offer or give what is needed.

PROUD= If you feel proud, you think you did a good job and are great.

GROWTH= (noun) the act of growing.

DOUBT= /daʊt/ hesitation. If you have a doubt or you doubt, you are not sure, you don't know. It is the opposite of "certainty", "to be certain/sure".

ENTREPRENEUR= A person who organizes, operates, and assumes the risk for a business venture.

WISH= this verb is followed by past tense:
- I wish I had taken action
- I wish he lived with us

BACK THEN= At that moment in the past; in the past.

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