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Daddy Pig's Office (Peppa Pig)
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Peppa goes to see Daddy Pig's office.

Today, as a special treat. Peppa and George are visiting Daddy Pig's office. Daddy, what do you do at your office all day? Lots of fun things. You'll see. This is the building where Daddy Pig works. We are here. Hooray! Yes? Hello. It's Daddy Pig. Hello, Daddy Pig. Can I press the button too? Of course, Peppa. Yes? It's me. Hello me. Come in. My office is on the top floor. We have to go up in the lift. Can I press the button?

I think it's George's turn. Press the top button, George. The lift is taking Peppa, George and Daddy Pig up to the very top floor. Wow... Top floor, door is opening. This is Daddy Pig's office. Hello, everyone. Hello, Daddy Pig. Mr. Rabbit and Ms. Cat work with Daddy Pig. I brought two very special visitors with me today. Peppa and George. What an honor. Let's begin the tour. Mr. Rabbit, can we start at your desk? We certainly can. My job is all about numbers. I take a very important piece of paper. I take a rubberstamp, and I stamp the paper. Wow. What a great job MR. Rabbit has. Can I do some stamping? Of course. I just find you some paper. Here are some paper. Maybe we should use some blank paper. Here you are. Peppa likes stamping with rubber stamps. I like doing MR. Rabbit's job. On with the tour. Next up is Mrs. Cat's desk. Hello, Peppa and George. Hello. My job is all about drawing shapes on the computer. Then I print the shapes out. And here's another copy. Thank you. What a nice job MS. Cat has! Can I have a go?
Maybe it's George's turn now. That's right, George. It's your turn to do some work. George is making blue triangles. Now you print them out. I like doing Ms. Cat's job. Do you want to see my desk now? Yes, please. This is Daddy Pig's desk. My job is quite complicated. I take big numbers, transmit them and calculate their load bearing tangents. Daddy Pig's job sounds very important. Do you use rubber stamps? No. Do you use a computer? No. But I do use coloring pen. Daddy, can we draw with yourcoloring pens? Good idea. Peppa and George love drawing with coloring pens. I am drawing a house. George is drawing a dinosaur. George always draws dinosaurs. Dinosaur! My goodness, five o'clock already. It is home time. I say! What a splendid picture of a house. And what a fierce dinosaur. George and I have been doing Daddy's job. And they've been doing it very well. I like doing MR. Rabbit's job and I like doing Ms. Cat's job. But I like doing daddy's job the best.

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