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Gaston the Ladybird (Ben And Holly's Little…)
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Ben and Holly live in the little English kingdom of Fairyland. Cute cartoons, easy and simple English.

Narrator: Somewhere, hidden amongst thorny brambles
is a Little Kingdom of elves and fairies.
Everyone who lives here is very very small.
Ben: I'm Ben Elf.
Holly: And I'm Princess Holly.
Come on, let's play.
Ben: Wait for us.
Narrator: Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom
Narrator: Today's adventure starts at Gaston's cave.
Ben: Gaston The Ladybird
Holly: Gaston! Are you coming out to play?
Holly: Gaston! Ben: Gaston!
Holly: Come on, let's fly.
Ben: Hey! Wait for us.
Come on Gaston, giddy up, giddy up.
Holly: Can't catch me.
Ben: Yes we can
Ben: Gaston loves fetching sticks.
Ben: Gaston, fetch!
Holly: Here Gaston!
Clever Gaston. Ben: Well done!
Holly: Gaston, do you want to wiggle your legs?
Okay, on to your back...
Ben: Wiggle your legs.
Holly: Gaston loves rolling on his back.
Ben: That's funny!
Nanny Plum: Holly, bedtime!
Holly: Oh! That's Nanny Plum.
I've got to go home now.
Ben: Oh! But we were having such fun...
Holly: Nevermind! We'll meet up again tomorrow.
Ben: Yes!
Ben's Mom: Ben, bedtime!
Ben: Oh! That's my mom.
Holly: Bye Ben. Bye Gaston. Ben: Bye Holly. Bye Gaston, see you tomorrow.
Holly: Ben! Gaston!
Ben: Holly! Gaston!
Ben: Hi Holly. Holly: Hi Ben.
Ben: Where's Gaston? Holly: He hasn't turned up yet.
Ben: Oh, let's go and find him. Holly: Okay.
Holly: Gaston! Are you coming out to play?
Holly: Gaston!
Ben: Gaston is not answering. Holly: Oh... Maybe we've upset him.
Ben: But we have such fun together. Holly: Yes!
Holly: Like when I kick him over and he wiggles his feet.
Ben: And when I ride on his back.
Holly: But, do you think Gaston enjoys it?
Ben: Hmm... Perhaps he doesn't.
Holly: Maybe Gaston's sad. And that's why he won't come out to play.
Ben: Oh dear! What can we do?
Holly: Nanny Plum will know what to do.
She knows everything about Ladybird's. Ben: Good idea.
Holly: Nanny Plum! Gaston the ladybird is not happy.
Nanny Plum: Hmm. Ladybird's are never happy.
Ben: But Gaston is our best friend!
Holly: Can you do something?
Holly: Please Nanny Plum, please! Ben: Please Nanny Plum, please!
Nanny Plum: Oh alright. I'll see what I can do.
Holly: Thanks Nanny.
Ben: This is Gaston's cave.
Nanny Plum: And what sort of insect is Gaston?
Holly: He's a Ladybird. Nanny Plum: Oh yes...
Now let's think. What's Ladybird for hello?
Holly: Oh look! The door is open.
Nanny Plum: We better take a look inside.
Holly: Gaston's not here. Ben: He's gone off somewhere to be sad.
Nanny Plum: Eww. No wonder Gaston is sad.
No one could be happy in such a messy, smelly cave.
Chop chop, we need to clean this cave up
before the Ladybird returns.
Holly: Yes! That will be a nice surprise. Ben: And Gaston will be happy again.
Nanny Plum: First, we need my cleaning things.
Abra-ca-de Abra-ca-dop
brushing duster, soap, and mop.
Holly, you dust the cobwebs. Holly: Yes Nanny Plum.
Nanny Plum: Ben, you clean the floor. Ben: Yes Nanny Plum.
Nanny Plum: And I will tackle the bed.
Nanny Plum: This bed is filthy!
Look at all this stuff...
Old food, comics, lollipops, smelly socks.
Bish, bosh, bash. Dust off bed, nice and fresh.
Now just a final polish and we're done.
Holly: Ooh Ben: Ooh
Ben: Hooray! Holly: Hooray!
Ben: Quick! Gaston's coming.
Holly: Gaston!
We've come to cheer you up.
Ben: We don't like it when you're sad.
Holly: We're really sorry about rolling you over. Ben: And riding on your back.
Holly: What's he saying Nanny?
Nanny Plum: Ooh.
Gaston says he likes it when you roll him over and ride on his back.
Holly: Oh. Ben: Oh.
Nanny Plum: Gaston is not sad.
In fact, he's very happy.
Well, you're going to be even happier now.
Take a look at your cave.
Holly: Gaston!
Nanny Plum: As I said, Ladybird's are never happy.
Holly: Gaston, what's wrong?
Nanny Plum: Oh dear... Holly: Nanny, what did he say?
Nanny Plum: He said he loved his home
just as it was. All messy and smelly.
Holly: Oh! Sorry Gaston. Ben: Don't worry...
We'll make it just the way you like it.
Holly: Yes!
We're very good at making things messy.
Ben: This is fun!
Holly: A cobweb here, a cobweb there.
Nanny Plum: Zip, zap, zeffy...
Gaston's bed, nice and messy.
Holly: Smelly socks... Ben: And lollipops...
Nanny Plum: Good.
Now just a final layer of dirt.
And we're done.
Well done everybody. That smells just as bad as it did before.
Ben: Hooray! Holly: Hooray!
Holly: And if you ever want us to make your cave untidy again Gaston,
don't be afraid to ask. Ben: Yes!
That's what friends are for.
Holly: Come on, let's play.
Ben: Hey! Wait for us.
Come on Gaston. Giddy up, giddy up.
Ben: Yee-ha Holly: Can't catch me...
Ben: Yes we can...
Holly: Gaston!


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