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I Am Not Sleepy And I Will Not Go To Bed (Charlie and Lola)
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Charlie and Lola is an animated television series based on the Charlie and Lola books written by Lauren Child.

Read along with the online audiobook here.

I am NOT sleepy and I WILL NOT go to bed
-- I have this little sister Lola. She is small, and very funny. Sometimes when she's extra wide-awake Mum and Dad ask me to help get Lola off to bed. This is a hard job because...
-- Shall I show you that again, Charlie?
-- ...because Lola likes to stay up late.  Lola likes to stay up wriggling, and bouncing, and colouring in, and scribbling, and sticking, and most of all chattering.
-- And then, when I've drawn all my animals we can go to the beach, and Mum can make a picnic and Dad can get ice creams, and you Charlie, you can help me make an enormous sandcastle, made of sand.
-- Lola, Mum says it is time for bed now.
-- No! I am not sleepy and I will NOT go to bed.

-- So then I say, but Lola, all the birds have gone to sleep. And then Lola says.
-- Yes, but I am not a bird, Charlie.
-- But you must be slightly sleepy, Lola.
-- I am not slightly sleepy at 6 o'clock, or 7 o'clock, or 8 o' clock. I am still wide awake at 9. Not at ALL tired at 10 or 11. And, I will still be awake at midnight!
-- Surely you’ll be tired by midnight. Everyone in the world is tired by midnight, Lola.
-- Not me. I probably still be perky even at midnight and a half.
-- Lola says she never gets tired.

-- Bedtime.
-- It's not bedtime, I have to put Mr Tiger in his home and then Mrs Tiger has to go shopping and buy some biscuits, and cake, and crisps...
-- So then I had an idea, and I said, but if there's no bedtime there can be no bedtime drink and it's pink milk tonight. Lola really likes pink milk. You sure you don’t want to go to bed?
-- But Charlie, if I have pink milk, the Tigers will want some too.
-- Tigers? What Tigers?
-- The Tigers at the table Charlie are waiting for their bedtime drink. Tigers get very cross if they have to wait. Ready, steady, go!
-- So I make Lola and the three tigers pink milk. After bedtime drink you know what's next? Time to brush our teeth!
-- But I can't brush my teeth, Charlie, because somebody has eaten my toothbrush!
-- Who would eat your toothbrush Lola?
-- I think it's that lion, I saw him brushing his teeth with my toothbrush and now he's gobbling it all up.
-- But this is your toothbrush here.
-- Oh dear. That means he must be using yours then.

-- Right. Just a quick bath and then... bedtime. Well you do look a bit grubby Lola.
-- Who says?
-- Mum says.
-- No she doesn't!
-- Yes she does! She's run a bath for you and she's coming to check in ONE minute. And then, what do you think Lola says?
-- But Charlie I can't go in the bath because of the Whales.
-- What Whales? Where?
-- The Whales who are swimming in the bath, they're taking up all of the room.
-- So I say, well what do you want ME to do about it?
-- Maybe you would have to help me shoo a few down the plug hole? Shoo, shoo shoo, shoo!
-- So I help shoo some Whales down the plug hole. Shoo, shoo, shoo!

-- So Lola jumps into the bath. Now you’re all clean Lola, it really is time for bed. Where are your pyjamas?
-- I don't have any pyjamas Charlie.
-- Aha, what about these ones I found under your pillow?
-- Oh no... those are not my pyjamas. Those belong to two dancing Dogs.
-- Alright, well do you think they’d let you borrow them?
-- Maybe. But you would have to go and telephone them.
-- So I go off to telephone the two dancing Dogs.

-- What are they saying?
-- The Dogs say that the pyjamas would look better on you.
-- That's nice of them.
-- And if you are wearing your pyjamas tonight, they'd like to invite you to their pyjama party.
-- Well, as it's a party...
-- So Lola pops on her pyjamas.

-- That was fun!
-- Now will you please HOP into bed?
-- Yes, yes Charlie, I'm hopping, I'm hopping, I'm hopping hopping!
-- Lola! Now! Dad will be up any minute.
-- But I'm not sleepy, Charlie!
-- And then I had a really good idea. Lola, I've given three Tigers their bedtime drink and now they are sleepily snoozing. And I've watched a Lion gobble my toothbrush and now he's 'zizzing' on the bath mat and I've shooed Whales down the plug hole and now they are all woozy and 'woozing', and Lola even the dancing Dogs are 'pooped' after their pyjama party.

-- And you know what? I can't believe my eyes because Lola's gone all sleepy.
-- But Charlie?
-- Don't tell me, Lola, I bet I can guess, there's a huge Hippopotamus in your bed.
-- Don't be silly Charlie. I wouldn't let a Hippy-potamus get into my bed. But I think there's one in yours.
-- Oh Lola.
-- Goodnight Charlie.
-- Goodnight Lola.
-- Goodnight Mr Hippy-potamus. I said goodnight Mr Hippy-potamus.
-- Goodnight Lola.
-- Goodnight.


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