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Painting (Peppa Pig)
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Peppa and George are painting today.

Peppa and George are painting today. We need some old newspaper to put on the table. Yes! Daddy pig is reading his newspaper. You could have my newspaper when I finish reading it. All right! Hooray! Now we can start painting.
Silly George! Big children do not put their hands in the paint. George loves painting with his hands. Peppa loves painting with her hands. Very good. Can I have a potato, mummy pig? They aren't cooked yet, daddy pig Are you hungry, daddy? I am not going to eat it. Watch this! What is daddy pig doing? Now who can tell me what this is. Aflower! Clever daddy! I loved painting when I was a young piggy. Now where are my old painting things. Daddy, why are you wearing that funny hat? This is my beret, it puts me in the mood for painting pictures. Now what shall I paint? Well chosen, George. I'll paint the old cherry tree. What's that? It's an easel, Peppa. It hold my canvas. What's the canvas? It's big like paper for very special paintings. Is that toothpaste? No, Peppa, These are special paints forgrown-up artist. There! What color should we begin with? Red, please! Why red, Peppa?

Red is my favorite color. But first we need to paint the sky. Look! What color is it? Blue, of course. Very good. Let's start with blue. Now forthe cherry tree. We need green for the leaves. But there isn't any green. Never mind! If we mix blue paint with yellow paint, we can make green. Mixing blue and yellow makes green. Ohhhhhh What lovely green leaves! And here's some grass... What about the brown branches? We haven't got brown paint. We can make brown. We'll mix the green and the red. Mixing green and red makes brown. Daddy pig paints the tree trunk and the branches. Whah! Daddy, can I paint the cherries? Yes, Peppa, put your fingers in the paint and dab it onto the tree. One, two, three. Well done! Now it's George's turn. What a great painter you are, George! There, the painting is finished. Hooray! Oh, it's the ducks. Hello, Mrs. Duck We are painting a picture. The ducks are running through daddy's paint. Shoo! Shoo!

Naughty ducks! Shoo! Ducks! Shoo! Stay away from my painting. Oh, no! The ducks have made paint footprints all overthe painting. Oh, dear! What was all that noisy? Mummy, the ducks have spoiled our painting. Mmmm, let me see. The ducks are making paint footprints in the garden just like the ones on the painting. Daddy's painting isn't spoiled, Peppa. It's perfect! Hooray! Oh, Yes. I am a bit of an expert at painting. And so are the ducks.

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