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Shopping (Peppa Pig)
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Here a new episode where Peppa Pig goes shopping with their parents.

I'm Peppa Pig. (oink)
This is my little brother, George. (oink oink)
This is Mummy Pig (Oink) and this is Daddy Pig (oink).
Peppa Pig


Peppa and George are going shopping. Peppa and George like shopping. George loves sitting in the trolley. So does Peppa.
Daddy? Can I sit in the trolley too?
Ho ho. You're too big for the trolley, Peppa.
But you can help with the shopping.
O goody!
We've got four things on the list.
Tomatoes, spaghetti, onions and fruit.
I'll find it all.

This way.

Peppa and George love shopping.

Peppa, first we need tomatoes.
Hmmm. I can see them! I can see them!
Here are the tomatoes, mummy.
Well done, Peppa.
One, two, three, four.
Now, put them in the trolley.
I found the tomatoes.
Well done, Peppa. Tomatoes. That's one thing off the list. What's next on the list?
That's right, George. But it's called spaghetti.
Spaghetti is Peppa and George's favourite food.
I wonder where the spaghetti is?
I can see it! This way!
Spaghetti! Look mummy, here's the spaghetti!
Well done, Peppa! let's put the spaghetti in the trolley.
Yes, mummy.
George, it's called Spa-ghet-ti!
What's next on the list, Peppa?
Crisps are not on the list.
We have plenty of crisps at home, Peppa.
Have another guess.
Hmmm. I just can't remember.
Can you remember, George?
George! There aren't any dinosaurs in the supermarket!
Ho, ho, ho. No, George. The next thing on the list is onions.
Onions! I remember now! Here they are!
Well done.
One, two, three, four. Onions!
Very good. That's nearly everything on our list.
There's one last thing on the list.
A plant? Is that on the list?
Oh no, George. The last thing on the list is fruit.
Never mind, George. You can choose the fruit. Where is the fruit?
Over there.
There are apples and oranges and bananas and a very big melon.
What fruit shall we have, George? Apples?
Bananas? A melon!

This is the checkout where all the food is paid for.

Tomatoes, spaghetti, onions, melon, chocolate cake.
Chocolate cake?
Chocolate cake? Is that on the list?
Peppa? Did you put the chocolate cake in the trolley?
No, mummy.
George? Did you put the chocolate cake in the trolley?
Well, I didn't put it in.
Then who did?
Erm, I thought it might be nice for pudding.
Daddy Pig!
Naughty Daddy!
Sorry. It just looked so delicious.
It does look rather yummy. Oh, let's pretend it was on the list.
Chocolate cake!


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