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Stars (Peppa Pig)
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George loves everything to do with space. Today he comes down for breakfast dressed as an astronaut.

I'm Peppa Pig.
This is my little brother George.
This is Mummy Pig.
And this is Daddy Pig.
Peppa Pig.

It is almost time for bed. Mummy Pig. Daddy Pig and Peppa are having mugs of hot milk.
George. Why are you dressing up in that spacesuit?
You should be in your pajamas.
George loves everything to do with space.
Oh. George. Take your spaces helmet off to drink you milk.
Bed time. Little ones.
At night. George likes to listen to his space mobile.
No space again. It's boring.
Space isn't boring. It is full of stars.
I can't see anything. It's too dark.
It's easier to se the stars from the outside.
Can we go outside now?
Peppa, you are in your pajamas.
Maybe if you put your coats on over your pajamas we could go outside just this once
Daddy, why are you lying on the ground?
This is the best way to see the stars.
Look at these little stars. Imagine you are joining the dots.
That's call the Big Dipper.
Yes, and the two stars at the end point to the north star.
Whaa. North stars. North star. Are you near or are you far? Can we get that in the car...
No. Peppa. The star is much too far away.
Are they further away than the seaside?
Oh, yes. But they look a lot closer though a telescope.
Can we go to Grandpa Pig's house now?
It's much too late.
Maybe we can go just this once.Daddy Pig.
It's the first time Peppa and George have been in the car at night.
Look, we are following the north star.
North star. North star. Shining with a twinkling glow. Please show us which way to go.
Peppa and George has arrived in grandpa and granny pig's house.
Oh. Dear. I do hope grandpa and granny pig haven't gone to bed.
What are you doing here at this hour?
We want to see the stars.
Peppa and George were hoping they can look though your telescope.
I see. Very well to the top of the house. Everyone.
Here she is, old bess.
Wha...Grandpa Pig hobby is looking at the stars.
Oh, the north star
We sailor uses it to find our way home..
Daddy uses it to find his way here.
Are there other things in the sky?
Yes. This is the planet call Saturn.
What are those pretty rings?
They are made of block and ice.
Staurn is very very cold.
We can build a snowman. George.
Quick, look.'s a shooting star.
You must make a wish.
I wish that when George is old enough to have his own rocket he will take me into space.

50/ Daddy Pig's birthday

I'm Peppa Pig.
This is my little brother George.
This is Mummy Pig.
And this is Daddy Pig.
Peppa Pig.

Today is Daddy Pig's birthday.
Daddy, I wish you don't have to go to work on your birthday.
So do I. But I'll be home as soon as I can.
See you later. See you later.
While Daddy Pig is at work. We can let all of these daddy's birthday surprise ready.
First, we'll make daddy's birthday cake.

We start with butter and sugar and flour. Then we add an egg. And most important of all. The chlorate pieces.
Mummy Pig is making a chlorate cake. Daddy pig loves chlorate cake.
I give it a stir.
Mummy, may I stir?
Yes, Peppa.
Peppa loves stirring.George wants to go.
Okay. George that's enough stirring.
There. Daddy Pig's cholorate cake.
Now we just bake it in the oven.
Mummy. Can I lick the spoon?
Yes. You can lick the spoon and George can lick the bowl.
Peppa and George love chlolrate mixture.
Poor Daddy Pig. He's missing all the fun.
Mummy, can I ring daddy at owrk and say happy birthday?
That's a nice idea.
This is the office where Daddy Pig works.
Hello. Mr.Rabbit is speaking.
May I speak to Daddy Pig, please?
Someone for you. Daddy Pig. It sounds important.
Hello.Daddy Pig is speaking.
Happy birthday. Daddy.Happy birthday!
Thank you. Peppa.
Don't be late home. Daddy.Byebye!
Happy birthday. Daddy Pig.
Thank you.
That's just one more thing to do before Daddy Pig get home.
Yes. Daddy Pig's birthday surprise.
Shhhh...George. Remember. It is a secret.
Shhhh...Peppa and George have buckets of water. Mummy Pig has balloons.
I wonder what's Daddy Pig's birthday surprise indeed.
Daddy's home. Quick. Daddy back home.
Daddy Pig is home from work.
Happy birthday, Daddy Pig.
Thank you, everyone. Wha... What a lot of candles.
That's because you are very very old. Daddy.
You must blow all your candles in one go.
I'll do my best.
And here's your birthday present.
Thank you. New boots. Fantastic.
Let's try them out.
Peppa, George and Mummy Pig are wearing their boots. Daddy Pig is wearing his birthday boots.
Daddy Pig has found a little puddle.
Let's see if the boots work.
The puddle is a bit too little for Daddy Pig.
Mm, what I need is a big puddle.
Why not try over here. Daddy Pig.
Oh. What's this?
It's your special birthday surprise.
Shhhh....What are they up to?
A big muddy puddle.
My birthday boots were perfectly.
Would you care to join me in my birthday muddy puddle?
Daddy Pig loves jumping up and down in muddy puddles.
Everyone loves jumping up and down in muddy puddles.
This is my best birthday ever.


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