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Pinocchio (Bedtime Story)
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Pinocchio, a traditional fairy tale.

Gepetto was a carpenter. He could make anything with a hammer, a chisel, and a saw.  One day, he made a wooden puppet.

How incredible! He will be my son and I will name him Pinocchio.

A blue-haired fairy appeared while Gepetto was asleep.

Pinocchio, Gepetto is very lonely. I will bring you to life and you will talk and move like a person. Gepetto is very kind, I am sure you will be happy with him. There you go!

When Gepetto woke up the next morning he was astonished.

Pinocchio!!! How is it possible!

A fairy came last night and turned me into a boy.

We are a real family now and will be very happy together. It is the happiest day of my life!

Father! I am a boy now and want to go to school and make friends!

Of course I will send you to school.

Will you buy me school books?

Of course you need books to go to school.

Gepetto went out to buy school books and a uniform and returned without his worn jacket.

Pinocchio, here are you books.

Hurray, I can go to school now! Father, have you lost your jacket?

No, I never put it on because it was so warm outside.

Are you sure?

Gepetto sold his jacket to buy school things for his son but he could not let Pinocchio know that.

The next morning Pinocchio was getting ready for school and in his excitement did not even notice that a one-eyed cat appeared in the room.

Pinocchio! Do you know that a travelling circus has come to the village? It is very famous and has a mighty lion, a huge elephant, the funniest clown and a magician who can do anything.

Oh, how exciting!

Let’s go to the circus then. We will have the best of times!

Sure…But I have to go to school. I promised!

The school is opened every day but the circus performs today only. It is your choice…..

Inevitably Pinocchio’s choice was to go to the circus with the mischievous cat.

What is that? Is that a talking puppet? He will be a sensation! We should catch him.

The Circus master told the magician to catch Pinocchio

Let me go. I have to go to school.

Why did you come here then? Mistook our tent for the school?

I am sorry. I am a bad boy! I lied to my father and went to the circus instead of school. I will never do it again!

The circus master believed Pinocchio’s remorse and gave him five golden coins for his father.

Go, be a good boy and support your old father.

Pinocchio took the coins and happily ran home

I know what happened to Father’s jacket. Now I will buy him a better one!

Little did he know… The one-eyed cat was on his way again.

Where were you? We were looking for you.

Sorry, I am running to buy a new jacket for my father.

The cat got the whole story from Pinocchio.

I will do anything to get this money. The boy is a fool.

Pinocchio! Have you heard of a tree that grows golden coins?

A tree that grows golden coins?

Meow! If you plant those golden coins, the tree will grow golden coins instead of green leaves!

Is that true?

Pinocchio believed every word the cat said.

I will dig this little hole under the tree, put my gold coins in it, some turf on top, a little water..

We are staying here till the coins grow anyway. What a fool! Now the coins are mine!

Where are you going? My gold!

Only now Pinocchio realized that his leg was caught in a trap, the cat was running away with his gold and the whole scheme was a sham.

Help me, anybody, help!

It was getting dark, nobody was coming to help and Pinocchio was left scared and alone.

At that tragic moment the same blue-haired fairy reappeared in front of him.

What happened? Why are you crying here in the dark?

Dear Fairy, forgive me… I tried to be a good boy… it is all the cat’s fault. He trapped me here and stole my gold.

While he was saying this his nose began to grow.

My nose is growing! Why?

It is because you told a lie.

How did you know?

Your nose will grow bigger and bigger every time you tell a lie. That's how I know, Pinocchio.

Nooooooooooo! / Pinocchio was scared and ashamed, he could not even look at the Fairy.

It was not just the cat, I wanted to see the circus instead of going to school.

This time he told the truth.

I promise to be a good boy!

Pinocchio’s nose reduced to normal.

Now that you told the truth I will let you go to your father.

Thank you.

Pinocchio was on the way home when he ran into a friend.

What are you doing here?

Don’t you know? This is a train station to a toy village.

Toy village?

Pinocchio was curious and exited again.

It is full of toys and sweets and there are no parents to tell you off even you play the whole day.  Do you wanna come with me? / It sounds great! I should go with you!

Pinocchio joined his friend and they arrived at the toy village.

What an adventure!

It is so thrilling!!!

Pinocchio and his Friend ate sweets and played the whole day, then another day, and another…

What day is it today?

Who cares? Let’s keep playing! It is so much fun!

The day came when Pinocchio started feeling some strange changes in his body…

Pinocchio and his Friend had been playing and wasting time for days, and now they had both been transformed into donkeys.

Walk faster, you useless mongrels! I will sell you if you don’t work properly!

The toy village was actually controlled by an evil Horse Trader. He lured and trapped selfish, lazy children, distracted them with sweets and toys and transformed them into donkeys to sell at the market.

Pinocchio and his friend were driven to market to be sold as donkeys.

Please help me! It’s me, Pinocchio! I’m not a donkey at all!

I’m not a donkey! Please help me!


When Pinocchio reached the market, he heard people gossiping.

Did you hear about that poor Gepetto? He went out to sea to look for Pinocchio.

Yes, and his boat sank in a storm in the middle of the sea.

How sad….

Hearing this, Pinocchio felt horrified and guilty, so he threw himself into the sea to look for Gepetto or drown in the attempt.

As soon as Pinocchio repented his selfishness and greed he transformed back into a wooden puppet.


Suddenly, an enormous whale reared up out of the waves and swallowed him whole.

When Pinocchio opened his eyes again he found himself in a vast, gloomy space that looked like a cave.  He realized that he was inside the whale. Gepetto was lying there too.

Father!! Wake up!

Oh, Pinocchio! You are alright! Where have you been all this time, and how did you get here!?

Oh, Father, please forgive me! I will never leave you again!

I am just happy that I can see you again…

But Father, we must find a way to get out of here!

Why don’t we try to tickle the whale from inside?

Will that work?

Together, they began to tickle the whale, and kept going until he couldn’t take it anymore.

The whale gave a giant sneeze, and a spout of water spurted from the hole in his back, carrying Gepetto and Pinocchio with it.

What is this strange feeling…Father! My hands are warm...and my heart is beating!

Pinocchio, my dear son! This is a miracle! You have become a real boy! Ha ha!

Oh Father, I am so happy!

The fairy had seen the courage and goodness of Pinocchio’s heart and had made him a real boy. Pinocchio and Gepetto lived happily ever after together.


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