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16- I can swim (Gogo)

Gogo is going to show you how to use CAN to talk about the things you can do and the things you can't.

Notice the different pronunciations (in British English) of this verb:

- I can dance /kən/
- I can't dance /kɑ:n/ or /kɑ:nt/

- can you dance?  /kən/ or /kæn/
- yes, I can /kæn/
- No, I can't /kɑ:n/ or /kɑ:nt/

/kən/ - for affirmative sentences (sounds like "kn")
 /kæn/ - for affirmatives when CAN is stressed (short answers or emphasis)
/kɑ:n/ - for negatives
In questions we can say /kən/ (if we stress the verb) or /kæn/ (if we don't stress it)

(teachers can find more information here)

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