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6- Numbers - "How many...? There is / are ..... (The Pumkin Show)
Touch a word or the <play> button for sound
Click on a word or on the <play> button for sound
Click on a word or on the red <play> button for sound

The Pumkin Show is a fun educational English show for kids.

• Teaches English counting & numbers 1 -20.
• Learn singular and plural nouns when answering "How many?" questions. (There is / are...)
• Reinforces previously taught nouns as well as introduces new common nouns.
Grammar Pattern: "How many ___ are there?" "There is _____. // There are ____."
Grammar Pattern: "Are there three balloons?" "Yes, there are." "No, there isn't."
Reviews: "What is it?" "What are they?" "Colors" and much, much more.


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