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Sleepy Head (BouncePatrol) (Australia)
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Help your child nod off to sleep with this sweet baby lullaby. Time to get ready for bed and say goodnight? Bounce Patrol's soothing kids song will have them yawning at bedtime :)

Sleepy head, sleepy head.
Now it's time to go to bed.
Brush my teeth and say goodnight.
Sleep until the morning light
Sleep, sleep, dreamy sleep

Moon is high, shining bright
Stars are twinkling in the night.
On my pillow I lay my head
Nice and warm here in my bed
Sleep, sleep, dreamy sleep

Yawning, yawning
Now it's getting late
Sweet dreams 'till morning
It's hard to stay awake

Sleepy head, sleepy head
Teddy's tucked up in my bed
We had a lot of fun today
But now the sun has gone away
Sleep, sleep, dreamy sleep
Sleep, sleep, dreamy sleep

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