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5-20 What's a pencil for? May 20
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Survival course to learn English from scratch

1- watch the video. 2- watch it again repeating after the teacher. 3- read the transcript (optional), see if you understand. 4- watch the video again once or more times until you learn the lesson well. 5- now try to use some objects to reproduce the dialogue (more or less) so you can practise what you just learnt. [With thanks to Hugosite]

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- Tom, what's that thing on the table above the list, above the pad of paper?
- This? This is a pencil. You use a pencil to write things. To write a grocery list. I'm writing. So if you don't know what a thing is, you say, "what is that?", "what do you call that?". Or if you don't know what it's used for, you say, "what do you use that for?", "what do you use a pencil for?", "what's a pencil for?"
- It's for writing, it's like a pen. You use them both to write with. They're both for writing.


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